How to Wear This Year’s Midi Skirts Trend

Midi Skirt How to Wear This Year's Midi Skirts Trend

Midi skirts are one of the biggest trends for 2019, and they are going to be just as big in the coming fall and winter seasons as they were earlier in the year. The midi is a really versatile length that can be worn for just about any occasion, whether it’s a smart work look, a date looks, a casual streetwear look, or even something for a special occasion. Here we are going to look at some of the ways to style a midi to give you some inspiration for adding this cool type of skirt to your fall fashion rotation!

Casual Day Out How to Wear This Year's Midi Skirts Trend

A Casual Day Out

For a day out shopping, hanging out with friends, or going somewhere with your family, you can create relaxed, stylish fall looks using simple midi skirts in neutral colors, in a wraparound, asymmetric style, or a stretchy, comfortable bodycon style. Pair your midi with a soft sweater such as a luxurious, simple cashmere V-neck, a crisp cotton tee, or a fitted jersey top, and layer on a leather jacket for cooler days.

To accessorize, a printed scarf can add some color and make the outfit pop, and a leather or faux leather day bag will add to the relaxed but feminine look. When it comes to shoes, this is a great opportunity to wear your midi with the latest luxury sneakers. Midi skirts can look great with high-end sneakers such as those you’ll find in the current collection from Gucci, combining the high fashion feel with laid back, sporty comfort. Shop the latest Gucci sneakers by visiting SSENSE, who have other great footwear as well as bags, clothing and other accessories from your favorite designer labels, allowing you to style your midi skirts easily!

Business Casual Look How to Wear This Year's Midi Skirts Trend

A Business Casual Look

When you want to make the latest trends work for the office, you can opt for a tailored midi in black or slate gray, paired with a chic fitted shirt. Add a blazer in a coordinating color to give a sharper look, or a soft cardigan for a more comfortable, yet elegant effect. Pair this look with sheer pantyhose and smart court shoes, or if you like, go for a killer stiletto heel to add some power-dressing edge. Match with simple jewelry and a leather laptop bag.

Cute Date Outfit How to Wear This Year's Midi Skirts Trend

A Cute Date Outfit

For a flirty date night outfit, you can consider some of the more eye-catching takes on the midi, if you don’t want to just dress up one of the simpler skirts recommended for the casual or office looks. Midis are in just about every texture imaginable this season, so you can choose a cool faux leather design, a cute, girly ballerina look in tulle, or a slinky silk midi skirt or dress in a rich color.

Mixing textures is a good way to go here, so consider combining a leather skirt with a silky shirt, or a silk dress with a leather jacket, or floaty tulle with a fitted cotton tank top. Add a pretty clutch bag in a coordinating color, and embellish with simple but pretty jewelry, such as a charm bracelet, or a chunky silver necklace. For shoes, pretty much anything goes here, given the versatility of the midi and the many different styling options we’ve presented here, but strappy sandals are always a good choice, or you can go for ballet pumps for a less dressy feel.

Special Occasion Elegance How to Wear This Year's Midi Skirts Trend

Special Occasion Elegance

For evening wear, you can find some beautiful fitted dresses that use the midi length in a tea dress style. This can provide a glamorous retro look when paired with classic heels, a chic updo, and sparkly jewelry such as drop earrings with diamonds (or crystal). Another option is the fit and flare type midi dresses that give a ballerina type look, and which can be a great choice to emphasize the waist but skim over the hips. This is a flattering cut on just about everyone, as it can create the illusion of volume on a less curvy frame, but also hide a pear-shaped body.

Look out for dresses like this in muted colors that create a high end, elegant look. With evening or special occasion wear, you can also find midi dresses in figure-hugging bodycon styles that use fabric like stretch lace to create an elegant look. These can look beautiful worn with simple but high-quality accessories that create a subtle look that doesn’t detract from the dress.

As you can see, midi is really easy to wear length that can be applied to just about any setting, depending on the texture and cut you choose and the outfit you create around it. Why not try some of these looks for yourself this fall!

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