Is moving across the country for love a wise choice?

Is moving across the country for love a wise choice?

Life can really sucker-punch you sometimes. You are doing well in your job, you are getting along nicely with your family, and friends and suddenly blam! Your loved one is moving. They might want to, they might need to, but the fact of the matter is that they are going to a different place. And not just any place mind you. They are not moving to an apartment down the street. Oh, no. They are moving to a completely different state. So, what are you to do? Is moving across the country for a love a wise choice? Well, let’s have a look.

A thing or two about love

In order to tackle this complicated problem we first need to consider a thing or two about love. Now, poets, philosophers, and writing geniuses have dedicated their lives work in trying to explain and describe what love is. So, don’t expect that we will get to the bottom of it in this article. But, we are going to go over a couple of distinctions so that those of you who are new to the affairs of the hart have an easier time talking with your partner and tackling this difficult decision.

The more you know about love, the more vise you will be.

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Love vs infatuation

The first distinction you have to make when considering moving across the country for love is whether it is love or infatuation. The more mature people reading this will know precisely what we are talking about. But, the younger ones among you may have a harder time making this important distinction. Especially if this is your first sweetheart. Look, as a rule of thumb, every first “love” is infatuation. Love is a terribly important, deep feeling that takes some experience and confidence. Infatuation, on the other hand, is quite immature as you are actually falling in love with the image of the person that you have, not the person itself. So, before we go any further, make sure that you are completely honest with yourself and figure out what you are feeling.

It is easy to mistake love for infatuation, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience.

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When people make mistakes

The most common mistake that people make is when they say “love conquers all”. Look, there is nothing wrong with love. From a certain point of view, it really can “conquer all” (we would delegate this to philosophers). But, for your everyday person, simply going with your feelings is bound to fail. Just like going solely by your intellect is going to fail. When making any decision, as especially when considering hiring Best Cross Country Movers and moving across the country for love, you need to take both your emotions and your thought into account. Only then can you make a wise decision and avoid making a stupid mistake.

Why is marriage important

Even though the concept of marriage has fallen out of favor in the past couple of decades, we would like to use this opportunity to mention the importance of it. Moving across the country for love only makes sense if you plan on spending your entire life with the person you currently love. And, if you take the institution of marriage seriously, this is exactly what you need to do. If you’ve decided that the person you are with( and this is easily one of the most important decisions in your life) is the person who you are going to marry, then moving with then to a different state is the only logical solution. Remember, marriage only makes sense if you are all in.

Moving across the country for love – smart or not?

Ok, so with all this in mind, should you move across the country for love or not? Well, in essence, there are two aspects you need to consider. What is your living situation and the situation in the world currently around you (let’s call that the situation on the outside)? And, what is your emotional situation (your situation on the inside)?

What is the situation on the outside?

The first question you should ask is why is do you need to move? A situation where the person you love is moving away is completely different from a situation where the person you love has already lived in a different state for many years. You need to consider your situation carefully. After all, you are going to need to make a living in your future state. And it can be quite hard to live on love. So, carefully think about where you are moving to. For instance, should you decide to relocate out of Miami to a smaller city, you need to carefully consider all the benefits and opportunities you are leaving behind. Talk with your partner extensively before you make any decision.

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What is the situation on the inside?

The second question you need to ask yourself is what you are feeling. Is the feeling of “love” permanent or is it going to fade away in a couple of months? People, especially young people, have a hard time accepting that they are simply not experienced in dealing with emotions. They believe that what they feel is so genuine and never seen before and that no one understands them, that they rarely listen to advice. This is especially important to remember if your relationship is mostly based on online interactions. Just take a closer look and the Romeo and Juliet story.

You need to consider both your emotional and living situation carefully in order to figure out if moving across the country for love is the right thing to do.

Alt: A couple that is happy about moving across the country for love

In order to figure out whether moving across the country for love is the right thing to do, you need to take your emotions into account. What if things don’t work out? What if you break up after a month? These are important questions. And, if you don’t have experience with dealing with them, it can be quite hard to make a smart decision. Try talking to a more experienced person whom you trust. Their advice will usually be quite useful, even if you probably won’t like it.

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