Make Your Workplace at Home with These Ideas

Make Your Workplace at Home More Appealing with These Office Furniture Ideas

Sometimes it seems that working at home is the best thing you can think of – working at a convenient time and sleeping longer because you do not need to spend time on the road, you are always in a comfortable home environment and your favorite cat warms his knees. In fact, it often happens that freelancers suffer from the fact that the work literally surrounds them everywhere – you answer the letter while preparing breakfast, lie in the arms with your laptop, and even at weekends may come editing from the customer. Such a problem can arise because of the wrong organization of working space and time.

We have collected a few frequent mistakes and tips on how to set up a workplace at home to increase efficiency, but at the same time do not turn a cozy home into an office.

Working “office”

First of all, it is necessary to allocate space in the house, where the workplace will be organized – it will be a home office. If possible, it is important that you do nothing but work here. If you don’t get a separate room for the office, try to organize at least a corner with a partition, a space in which nothing should distract you from the work.

Furniture is the basis of your comfort at work. The table should have been neat, preferably made of natural materials, large enough and comfortable(you can find one at sohomod store), it is not necessary to overload it with unnecessary things – we have already talked about the fact that a certain rigor in the interior sets the working mood. The correct height of the table depends on your height. The specialists of one of the world’s largest medical centers, the Mayo Clinic, gave several recommendations for creating an ergonomic working space. According to their advice, the table should not be higher than 86 cm.

In general, the standard height of the table is considered to be 75 cm, but this is a general value for a person of average height – 175 cm. How to calculate the ideal height of the table for yourself? Multiply your height in centimeters by 75 and divide it by 175.

It’s easy enough to check whether this height suits you. When you’re sitting at a table like this, your elbows should be lying freely on the worktop and your shoulders shouldn’t rise.

The choice of a comfortable chair should be paid special attention and do not spare money for quality furniture – the investment will quickly pay off productive work and good health.

The main thing is for the chair to support the back – the angle of inclination of the back should be a little more than 90 degrees so that you can relax the muscles of the back.

ergonomic working chair Make Your Workplace at Home More Appealing with These Office Furniture Ideas

Signs of an ergonomic chair:

Adjustable height;

back support, especially for the lumbar region;

Armrests on the same level as the keyboard;

The backrest can bend and spring under the weight of the body.

Order. Try to keep your office/corner clean. Wet cleaning will get rid of dust and refresh the air, and by putting things and documents in place, you will create a more serious and challenging environment.

Light. If the apartment or home has the capacity to do so, choose a bright and spacious room for the workstation, preferably with a pleasant view from the window – birch trees outside the window will calm down and inspire you to work. Try to use a light color scheme for the decoration too – it has long been proven that color can have a direct influence on the psyche, and the choice of calm pastel tones – blue, sand, light green – will have a positive effect on your ability to work.

Fresh air. Regular ventilation of the room is not only good for your health in general, but it also stimulates your brain activity, reduces fatigue and stress, and therefore increases your efficiency. Add fresh air to the room and plants – they absorb carbon dioxide (which means you won’t peck your nose at the computer), produce oxygen, and generally bring vitality and diversity to the interior.

Organizing your working hours Make Your Workplace at Home More Appealing with These Office Furniture Ideas

Organizing your working hours

Once you’ve set up a place to work, cleaned up and added everything you need, it’s time to take care of the time. To ensure that your whole life does not turn into a job, it is important to set aside a certain amount of time for you to do your work and try to stick to this schedule. Of course, no one is safe from force majeure situations, but try to do work only in the time allocated for this purpose.

Make a schedule of work and rest, allocate time for lunch break and five minutes for tea (but do not get carried away with tea and sugar), be sure to include in the day plan a short walk and a few warm-ups to get up from the table and a little “disperse the blood”, strictly limit interaction with social networks – these are dangerous time eaters.

For drawing up the schedule and the organization of the working day today there are a lot of different techniques and systems, mobile applications and programs for the PC – they will help not only with time management but also with determination of priority of different tasks, will help to keep things and projects in order. Don’t be lazy, install and test multiple applications and choose the application that best meets your needs.

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