Play Like a Pro Without a Hassle on Your Budget

Play Like a Pro Without a Hassle on Your Budget

You deserve a break today. That might have been an old slogan of McDonald’s, but there’s a truth to is as well. We all need a break from time to time. This article is designed to give you some tips for how you can play with little or no hassle to your budget.

1. Look for a bargain. Entertainment venues have to make money, even when things like the economy are bad. They know this, so they spend enormous amounts of money on promotions and other things to keep people coming back. You should watch for these money savers so you can take advantage of them. A good example is Six Flags , which not only offers discounts but also coupons and promo codes that will let you in at a greatly discounted price.

2. Check your office. A vast majority of venues make deals with businesses of all types to offer discounts to their employees. If you check with your human resources office, chances are good that they will have membership cards and other discount tools that will save you money on entrance fees and cost you absolutely nothing.

3. What are you a member of? Many entertainment venues offer discount deals to members of groups of all sorts. This includes things like Scouts, alumni associations, and much more. Before you head off to a park or other attraction, check to see if any groups you are a member of have these values for their members. Again, they are usually offered for free.

4. Ask a friend. If you have a friend who happens to have season passes to a park or other venue, why not ask them if you might be able to borrow their pass for your use? Some of these passes are nontransferable, but others are. Check with them. You might be in for a surprise.

5. Check the boards. Businesses like grocery stores often have public bulletin boards that allow other businesses to pin up their special offers for their shoppers. This includes many entertainment venues that you can simply take a card or a coupon to use. They’re free, and you can get a discount just for having one.

6. Check the Net. Simply put, the Internet is crawling with offers. To claim yours, why not Google the name of the park you want to visit and “coupons“? Chances are very good that you will come back with more than your share of discount coupons for your use.

7. Ask at the gate. If you happen to come up short on values, and you end up at the ticket window without a savings coupon, just ask the person at the window. Chances are good that you will have said the magic word to earn yourself a discount.

If there is a silver lining to the current economic situation it’s the fact that everyone is looking for a way to attract new customers. That includes entertainment venues, who are more than willing to give you a discount coupon for a little less than they would have otherwise gotten.

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