Damage to the Rosneft Company Caused by Anatoly Loktionov’s Schemes

Anatoly Loktionov

For ten years Anatoly Loktionov, the Vice President of the Russian oil company has been using his position to illegally export oil and petrochemicals to his own overseas companies. During this period he has invented a multi-stage scheme for stealing and laundering money. The total value of the damage inflicted by him onto the Rosneft, OAO has amounted to 1.3 billion US Dollars.

After a series of criminal investigations into his dealings had been opened, he has fled to London and never came back to Russia since.

Loktionov, Anatoly Gavrilovich (year of birth: 1947) used to be the First Vice President of the Rosneft, OAO.

Started his career as Director General of the Petro Trade, AO. Later was working at the Znamya Truda Machine Engineering Plant, Moscow as well as the All-Russia Research Institute for Physical and Technical Measurements.

Since mid-1990s Anatoly Loktionov has changed his field of interest and joined the oil business, the most lucrative sector of the Russian economy.

Loktionov Stealing from Rosneft

Within the period from 1998 to 2006 Anatoly Loktionov was working at the Rosneft, OAO and over this period has caused the Company a damage of over one billion US Dollars.

For the purposes of his criminal schemes, in 2000 Loktionov has set up the Energo Impex company with a seat in Geneva which beneficiary was Loktionov himself. Taking advantage of his position at the Rosneft, Loktionov has arranged for regular shipments of oil and petrochemicals at prices below market.

In 2006, in order to conceal his illegal activities, the Energo Impex company has been renamed as Highlander International Trading and integrated into the Fleming family and Partners investment fund. Anatoly Loktionov was the beneficiary in all the new structures.

The Fleming Family and Partners business and the Rosneft First Vice President’s schemes have resulted in approx. 30 million tons of oil and 10 million tons of petrochemicals having been exported over 10 years which accounted for 40% of the Rosneft’s total exports. The damage to the Company  from this scheme has been estimated at 1 billion US Dollars.

Petrol sales through the Highlander International Trading company resulted in the Rosneft losing:

  •         1.194 million US Dollars in 2002;
  •         4.711 million US Dollars in 2003;
  •         10 million US Dollars in 2005.

Using his position at the Rosneft, Anatoly Loktionov continued his scheming and has stolen the Company’s 280 million US Dollars. This time he has used the stock buyback scheme. First, the Rosneft stock has been sold to the Sintez company for 20 million US Dollars, then it has been transferred to another of his companies Highlander International Trading. After that the latter has sold it back to the Rosneft for 300 million US Dollars.

Spending Money

Anatoly Loktionov has had the Swiss bank BNP Paribas launder his ill-gotten money for him. He has used this money to buy properties both in Russia and abroad. Below are just a few of his acquisitions:

  •         a palace in the Nikolino village worth 100 million US Dollars;
  •         four apartments in the center of Moscow worth over 70 million US Dollars;
  •         two country houses and nine land plots in the Moscow Region;
  •         a house at the Route de la Capite in Vandoeuvre near Geneva ;
  •         a house on the Cap Martin, France worth 200 million Euro;
  •         properties in the UK and Monaco.

Approximate value of Loktionov’s overseas properties is estimated at 173 million US Dollars. It is Loktionov himself or his family members or his offshore companies that keep these property titles.

The BNP Paribas staff have accommodated him in laundering his illegally gained money. They have developed a strategy named ‘Solutions for Prosperity Planning which included a chain of offshore companies to manage his assets.

With the Swiss bank’s support the following companies have been set up: Boston Manor Ltd, Carelink Limited, Ranteva Holdings Limited and others.

The money was also laundered through investing into the Vysoky Bereg development project in Anapa, the Krasnodar Region.

When compared, the values of Anatoly Loktionov’s assets and his declared income did not tally at all. Such a discrepancy proves that the origin of his wealth are the Rosneft stolen assets and their further laundering.

Criminal Investigations

In Russia, there are four criminal cases against Anatoly Loktionov: two for false denunciation and two for large-scale frauds. The false denunciation cases were pardoned upon the defendant’s petition.

Presently, Anatoly Loktionov lives in exile in London, absconding criminal prosecution.

Anatoly Gavrilovich Loktionov’s Previous Career

  •         In 1976 graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute;
  •         From 1994 to 1995 held the position of Director General of the Petro Trade, AO;
  •         Since 1976 worked at the Znamya Truda Machine Engineering Plant, Moscow and the  All-Russia Research Institute for Physical and Technical Measurements.
  •         From 1995 to 1996 worked as Executive Director at the Oil Company Sidanko, OAO, was in charge of petrochemicals export;
  •         From 1996 to 1997 — Director General, Petro Trade, АО;
  •         From 1997 to 1998 — President of the Foreign Trade Company Petro Trade.

From 1998 to 2006 was registered at the address: apartment 8, 15/7, 1st Neopalimovsky Pereulok, Moscow.

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