Should a Real Man Control His Woman?

Should a Real Man Control His Woman

The ideal view of a man in society is that they are strong, powerful and that they are the main support pillar of their children and wife. Admittedly the accepted stereotypes of how men should treat their female partners have changed over time. In this article, we are going to be discussing and analyzing the question of should a real man control his woman?

     Do Not Try to Manipulate.

You should never try to manipulate a woman that you love, this is a very foul action that inadvertently means that you consider your partner to be gullible and of lower intelligence than you which is a lot of cases will not be true, and even if you do manage to manipulate her successfully the first time the more you do it the higher the chance of her eventually figuring out what you are doing.

Even though if she does not end up figuring out herself that you are manipulating her, it is still likely that her friends and family will since they will have an unbiased third-party perspective that will not be full of any emotions. But your biggest fear in regards to this should not be getting caught manipulating your partner but it should be creating a toxic atmosphere that can end up being the break up of your relationship.

     Do Not Use Violence to Enforce Your Wants.

Remember That Woman Have Rights Too

Just because you are most likely bigger in size than your partner and also stronger does not mean that you should use any sort of violence or force to get her to do what you want. In the majority of countries around the world, it is not illegal to use any violence or force against your domestic partners, children and family member even if they happen to be in the wrong. Of course, if you genuinely feel that your life is in danger or you are going to be physically hurt then self-defense is an acceptable reaction.

In the 21st century, you have to try to use reason and your persuasion skills to come to a conclusion that is suitable for both parties; you cannot go around using force or intimidating people through the threat of force.

     Remember That Women Have Rights Too.

Related to the point above, women have the same rights as men, and they are not inherently the servants of males. Although it is always good to have a wife or girlfriend that will clean and cook for you this is not a must, and some women have not been taught how to do housework or simply do not want to do any housework.

At the end of the day if you are looking for your house to be clean and for you to eat cooked meals as often as possible, you can first try to figure something out with your partner but if she does not want to be involved then your other options are to do these things yourself or to pay someone to do them if you happen to not have the time or the interest in taking part in those tasks.

This is the challenge of a relationship, you have to make compromises and face the reality that your partner may not want to help you in certain activities and the fact that in a lot of relationships out there a lot of the effort is one-sided.

     Do Not Take Your Partner for Granted.

You should not take your partner for granted, you can manipulate a woman all you want but just because you are currently in a relationship with her does not mean that this situation will last forever. This is why you should be thankful for what you have and not try and look for short-term satisfaction elsewhere potentially with other females.

This is why if you really like someone you should try to make every moment special and also very importantly build up communication if that is an area that your relationship lacks in, this will allow you to iron out any issues that you have before they spiral out of control and threaten the existence of your relationship.

     Understand What It Takes to Be a Leader.

If you see yourself as a strong male figure that wants to be a leader of his family then you need to understand what it takes to be a leader, it is not just about handing out orders while you sit there doing nothing while taking the credit. Instead, being a leader you will have to ‘lead’ which may sound obvious, but this means that you need to show a strong example for your girlfriend and other occupants of your house to follow.

Additionally, you can get more valuable information about how to be a good male authoritative figure on the information portal.

This will take a lot of discipline even if the tasks that you need to make sure that you are doing are minor, for example washing the dishes and cutlery after you have finished with them and doing your cleaning chores during the designated time.

     Your Girlfriend Is Not a Possession.

It is not healthy to view your girlfriend as your possession, she is a person too, and she deserves the right to do what she wants and what she enjoys. When you enter a relationship with someone you become a pair and you need to work together to overcome difficulties that you will encounter on the way as well as be able to freely discuss any worries that each of you may have about the relationship.

Related to this, you should also be more caring since it is not just about what you want and need in a relationship but also what your partner’s views as well. As stated in another point, when you enter a relationship with someone this does not mean this female is now your property forever, and she can never leave you.

     Take Heartbreak Like an Adult and Move on.

Heartbreak is something that majority of people in the world will have to go through at least once in a life, in those moments when you have realized that there is no way to salvage the relationship it is best to take a step back and just move on as you will easily find a woman that loves you more and is overall more compatible to you.

You should never try to stop someone from leaving you as this is abusive behavior and it will no way whatsoever save or improve the relationship you have. Instead, just take it as an opportunity to learn about what things to do and not to do in your next relationship.

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