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Boris Lozhkin

Boris Lozhkin is a former head of the presidential administration, an outstanding and very active person. He is a native of Kharkov, a teacher with a diploma in “Russian Language and Literature”. He was interested in literature and books since childhood. It is not surprising that his path began and continued with journalistic activities.

Already at the age of eighteen, he built a trade network in Kharkov selling books. Simultaneously, Boris Lozhkin worked as a freelance correspondent for the Kharkov newspaper Leninskaya Smena. In late 1990, a 19-year-old young man opens his own newspaper called ATV. The newspaper published articles about the stars of cinema and TV.

Boris Lozhkin worked tirelessly, and in 1994 the first issue of the TV guide “TVweek” was published. By the way, this magazine was financed by Privat Bank, which at that time was headed by Sergei Tigipko. It was in this Dnepropetrovsk bank that Boris Lozhkin received a loan to finance the printing house for magazine’s publication. Actually, with the “TVweek” he started building his own media empire – “UMH”.

A Smart Way to Politics

Boris Lozhkin realized early that working for somebody was not an option. And to work for yourself you need millions of dollars and you should be closer to the authorities. Therefore, in 1994, Boris Lozhkin was elected a deputy of the Dzerzhinsky District Council of Kharkov and even managed to become an advisers of the Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Suslov. In the late 90’s he buys shares of the Kharkov radio station “Radio-50”.

At the same time, a young businessman Boris Lozhkin trampled his way into the world of high politics and useful acquaintances. He meets Gennady Kernes, Mikhail Dobkin, Alexander Feldman. Boris Lozhkin buys “Kiev News” together with Surkis brothers from Mr. Brodsky. In January 2000, he was already the president of the Ukrainian Media Holding (“UMH”). The circulation of all its editions is fifty eight million pieces. And in 2001, he is the owner of the radio “Europe Plus” and “Melody”. Since 2006, he has been developing the network “Your Press”.

Thanks to journalistic and publishing activities, the teacher Boris Lozhkin got a wide range of acquaintances, including a future president Peter Poroshenko. Boris Lozhkin gets acquainted with him when Poroshenko was selling a half of his shares of Radio 5. In general, relations between Boris Lozhkin and Poroshenko are based on purchasing and selling of media sites.

A Brilliant Deal with UMH by Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa

image alt: swindler Boris Lozhkin

The sale of the Ukrainian Media Holding to Sergey Kurchenko is called almost the most brilliant deal in the history of Ukraine’s business. In this scheme, a well-known Igor Mazepa participated. With the help of this repeatedly compromised investment banker, Boris Lozhkin was able to sell the holding to Mr. Kurchenko.

How did it happen? When Yanukovych family took the power in the country, Kurchenko showed him a series of scandalous publications of the journal “Correspondent”, where there was a number of photos with Alexander Yanukovych and stories about the crimes of the family with surnames. Kurchenko said that he knows how to buy the entire holding of Boris Lozhkin, as they say, without money. Yanukovych approves the deal and Kurchenko pays to Lozhkin with the money of Dmitry Firtash. The money was allocated for liquefied gas payments.

Everyone is happy – Yanukovych himself, Arbuzov, and Kurchenko with Lozhkin. The amount of the transaction varies from 370 to 500 million dollars. Only Dmitry Firtash appears among the losers, who understands this, but does not understand how it happened. After the transaction, forty journalists leave the Correspondent and Forbes journals because of the censorship introduced immediately.

The Main Creator of all Ukrainian Reforms

In 2014, Boris Lozhkin becomes the head of the presidential administration. After the family of Yanukovych lost their power, Boris Lozhkin realizes that it’s time to return. The way is cleared. Long-standing friendly and business relations with Poroshenko allow him to become the head of the president’s administration.

Petro Poroshenko posed to Lozhkin the main task – to share everything that was acquired by the ex-authorities. Of course, this was done not between the people, but among the right people that are close to Peter Alekseevich.

It was Boris Lozhkin who “divided” the entire lottery business in the country, where before the Chocolate Tsar came to power, there was at least some order, and turned this business sector into a criminal conclave.

Personnel decide everything, so Boris Lozhkin approached this very issue in the administration rather seriously. Given his excellent ties with the former regionalists, Boris Lozhkin gradually began to pull them to himself. Konstantin Eliseev and Oleg Rafalsky quickly responded to the call of an old friend.

After building a vertical, Poroshenko asks Lozhkin to come up with a personal image for him. It is important for the president to be called the first European President of Ukraine in the world, for whom Europe is above all. Boris Lozhkin comes up with reforms. And, of course, he does this without breaking anything from the working schemes, but creating a picture about Ukraine as the center of the reform movement in the world media.

How to do this? To draw the Varangians into power. Boris Lozhkin gave an idea of ​​appointing Natalia Yaresko, Aivaras Abromavichus, Gia Getsadze, Eka Zguladze, Khatia Dekanoidze to the government. All the Vikings made their mission, they showed the picture for the media. Well, they may be free. There are reforms and the image of Poroshenko too.

Of course, Boris Lozhkin was not only engaged in personnel issues. Practically, Boris Lozhkin was the author of the coalition agreement between the authorities after the early elections in 2014. Boris Lozhkin oversaw the adoption of the law on the prosecutor’s office and he was one of the creators of the most “transparent” public procurement system ProZorro.

Everything passes and the post of Boris Evgenievich becomes vacant as early as 2016. But he would not have been a businessman if he had not brought something for himself. So Boris Lozhkin becomes the secretary of the newly created National Investment Council.

The Main “Roof” of the Biggest Fraudster Igor Mazepa

Boris Lozhkin and the investment banker Igor Mazepa are closely connected. Actually, it was Boris Lozhkin who “protected” the creation of a new electronic wallet TYME, the successor of the closed Russian electronic money transfer system Qiwi.

On the crest of the heroic struggle with all Russian electronic transaction systems, there remains the only possibility of transferring money. This opportunity was the Russian Qiwi-wallet. It worked for some time until it was surfaced that after the ban on remittances to the occupied territories, it was used not only by the civilian population, but also by armed militants with their sponsors. The Security Service of Ukraine hurried to close the scoundrels, but Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa started looking for opportunities for growth. With the help of Lozhkin, the assets of Qiwi in Ukraine remained. Igor Mazepa redeemed them and named TYME.

The system quickly became the leader among non-bank money transfers in Ukraine. The scheme is simple: you want to send money to your grandmother in Donetsk, put it on the wallet, transfer to Donetsk. That is not in Donetsk at first, of course. First the money goes to Turkey, and only then it is transferred to Donetsk, where in former Qiwi terminals the money can be withdrawn. A terrible scandal arose. For a certain period, the terminals in Donetsk were cut off, and the Security Service again begat to search the company’s offices in Kiev. But thanks to Lozhkin’s advise, the President Poroshenko flies to Kuwait, negotiates with local sheikhs and now the money in TYME goes not through Turkey, but through Kuwait. And the Turkish authorities became interested in the infamous TYME. All meetings were naturally organized by Boris Evgenievich. As a result, there are no complaints to Igor Mazepa and TYME.

Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa started Old Good Money Laundry

image alt: deceiver Boris Lozhkin

While you have the power you should get as much as possible, because then there will be no time, and the imprisonment is also possible, but with money there is a chance to avoid and succeed. Boris Evgenevich mastered this principle well, being in power.

After several months of Lozhkin’s work in the administration, a considerable sum of 130.5 million dollars is transferred to the account of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank from one of the offshore accounts in Latvia. The Austrian prosecutor’s office is quite prejudiced against such operations and opens a criminal case against Lozhkin himself on suspicion of money laundering. Certain procedural actions are being made, requests are being sent to Ukrainian colleagues, and now the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office is forced to ask Boris Lozhkin some questions. And it seems that everything could still be quietly hushed up, but journalists of the Arabic TV channel Al Jazeera caught a glimpse of the transaction and decided to ask their Ukrainian colleagues what it was.

And there was the following. Kurchenko paid to Lozhkin for UMH not by a bank transfer with payment of taxes, but in a “suitcase”. The money had to be cleaned up somehow, so as not to pay taxes to the treasury. Igor Mazepa took on this honorable mission, but apparently he understands the intricacies of international banking calculations not so well, as far as everyone believes. As a result, Igor Mazepa puts Boris Lozhkin under the impact of European prosecutors, inflicting irreparable damage to his reputation and he had to say goodbye to his position of the secretary of the National Council on reforms.

But Boris Lozhkin would not be himself if he could not settle everything. For some reason, the Austrian prosecutor’s office closed the case, saying that it had not found traces of the crime. And they did not find them because Ukrainian prosecutors kept everything diligently and it was impossible to find something. Viktor Shokin, a person close to the president was at the head of the prosecutor’s office at that time. What are Europe and justice if our people are beaten and must be defended? Money was not only taken by Lozhkin, the president got his share. It was in absentia of course, because in any declaration of the president or Lozhkin this is not taken into account.

Escape from the Ship

Elections in Ukraine will be held in less than a year and Boris Evgenievich should determine his position quickly. Yes, he has already determined. In March 2018, Boris Lozhkin meets with inseparable two businessmen Igor Kolomoysky and Gennady Bogolyubov in Geneva. Kolomoysky describes Poroshenko’s prospects in the elections and Lozhkin makes “uneasy”, but a very quick choice – to run.

This is figuratively speaking, but after all the ship under the name of Peter Poroshenko drowses hopelessly and will fail to win one more cadence at elections. Of course, it is possible to introduce martial law, to ban elections, send military forces through the cities that will protect everyone from separatists, but will businessmen believe it? No, they won’t. Since they do not intend to put on Peter Alekseevich any more.

After the meeting with Kolomoysky in Geneva, Boris Lozhkin takes a “difficult” decision to head the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine. In comments on Facebook Lozhkin told that the organization is not lobbying anything and is indifferent to politics. Read this on the contrary.


Elections in the country are rather close and the hottest political season in the last five years is already starting on the Independence Day on August 24, 2018. It becomes gradually clear who will Boris Evgenievich join. The notorious UMH will obviously return to Mr. Poroshenko, who is trying his best to save his meager rating.

But Boris Lozhkin will never be in the opposition. Like the former party of the regions, he does not know how to do this. Just like he does not know how not to live well.

On the one hand, it is commendable to be rich and successful. However, this praise can hardly be earned by laundering money on the dirty sale of a media holding for someone else’s money, getting finances with the help of a pocket electronic wallet of terrorists from Donbass, creating fake reforms and conducting business with outspoken crooks.

Many will say – everyone does that. Not all. Ukraine is full of smart businessmen of a new format, who build their business not on acquaintanceships in power circles, but at the expense of creating something new and unique. Boris Lozhkin is from the old guard in a relatively young guise. Starting to build a new Ukraine you need to start with a simple step – get rid of the old ballast.

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