The Fascinating Ceremony of Indian Weddings

Indian Weddings The Fascinating Ceremony of Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is one of the few ceremonies that fascinate people from all around the globe. It is not only a ritual to forge a life-long commitment between two people in love. It is also a commemoration of the rich culture and traditions of India. One can only be amazed at the preparations for the wedding, from the colorful wardrobe of the bride and the groom to the exquisite setting where the ceremony takes place, the wide assortment of food on the banquet table, and Indian wedding venues.

Here are some exciting things you may want to know about Indian weddings.

The bride and groom

An Indian bride participates in a ritual called “Mehndi,” which is usually attended by family and female friends. This is where beautiful designs using henna paint are applied on both the hands and feet of the bride for adornment. This ritual will take hours, so it is typically done the day before the wedding takes place. She also wears red, which in Indian culture represents the sunrise, fertility, wealth. As for the groom and his entourage, much fanfare happens upon their arrival. Family and friends toss rice to welcome them, along with dancing and music. He also carries a lantern on a plate. A garland is something he could have with him too. The groom may also have a red dot on his forehead.

Guest attire The Fascinating Ceremony of Indian Weddings

Guest attire

If you are invited to an Indian wedding, it is best to know about the proper attire for the occasion. Indian tradition suggests that women wear a sari, and the men wear tunics with long sleeves along with their pants. The sari is a fashionable Asian garment, which is made from either silk or cotton. It is then draped in an elaborate fashion around the women’s bodies. It is also proper for Western guests to keep their bodies covered. Head covers are a part of the whole attire. Colorful garments are encouraged, black is a no-no, and red is not worn as this is the bride’s color.

Wedding gifts

It is not the usual norm to come to an Indian wedding bearing gifts, although some people may do so. If ever, the gifts are sent to their homes instead. If it is money, it may be placed in an envelope and given during the reception.

How long the wedding lasts

In the Western world, a wedding ceremony and reception would take a few hours. The traditional celebration of an Indian wedding lasts for about three days, each one with various events and rituals taking place. Day one is usually spent together with the family in a ceremony called “Ganesh puja.” This is a ritual performed so that good luck may be bestowed upon the new couple with prayers to Lord Ganesh. Guests are invited on day two for the “sangeet,” a pre-party get-together in celebration of the coming union. This will then lead on to the main event, the wedding ceremony and reception on day three.

There are so many things couples can do and discover for their traditional Indian wedding.

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