What to Do When Your Office Just Won’t Stay Clean

What to Do When Your Office Just Won’t Stay Clean

Offices get messy pretty easily. With employees coming in and out every day and spending the majority of their day there, it’s easy to see why offices are never quite as clean as they look on a brochure.

That being said, no one wants to work in a dirty office. An unclean environment can put off-putting and create an unpleasant atmosphere, not to mention that it will provide the perfect breeding grounds for germs, and you and your employees will end up getting sick more often.

To have a clean office, you need a long-term solution.

1.   Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby

It’s difficult to clean up a mess if you don’t have any cleaning supplies in the room, let alone on the same floor.

You don’t want to make things harder than they need to be, so make sure that your office has a cupboard with all the cleaning supplies you need to clean up any expected messes.

If things get cleaned as soon as they happen, there is less of a chance for a bigger mess to accumulate.

2.   Draw Up a Cleaning Routine

Clean Offices get messy pretty easily

If no one in the office thinks they are responsible for keeping the office clean, then they won’t be incentivized to clean.

Devise a cleaning routine that allocates every employee with a cleaning responsibility. It doesn’t have to be a huge responsibility because it will be shared amongst every employee.

With a clear routine and their own job to complete, employees will be more likely to do their part in keeping the office clean.

3.   Remind Employees of the Dangers

An unclean environment is ultimately more dangerous than a clean one. An office filled with clutter across the floor, whether it is bags, wastepaper baskets, or just general clutter, these are all tripping hazards that could cause an accident.

Food and drink spilled at desks or tables immediately produce germs that can cause sickness. If you don’t want your employees unwittingly spreading sickness germs across the office and beyond, remind them of the consequences of their actions.

4.   Do a Deep Clean

It’s important to do a deep clean of an office at least every six months to a year; unseen dirt and germs can fester, even if you think you are doing a good job of keeping them at bay. Deep, medicinal cleaning will rid the office of anything unwanted and leave it crystal clean for when you return.

5.   Write Up a Cleaning Policy

This may seem like a drastic solution but having it in writing that your employees are responsible for keeping their working area clean will dissolve any disputes and make it clear that cleanliness is part of their responsibility when at work. For new employees, be sure to include the policy in an employee handbook to make sure they are aware of it.

A clean office has fantastic benefits for workers. It improves productivity, inspiration and general happiness at work. It is in your employees’ best interests to keep the office clean for themselves.

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