When Do You Need a Thermostatic Valve

Not many people know a lot about a thermostatic valve, except that it is one of those things other people say a house should never be without. If you have just recently moved into your new home for the first time, you are probably wondering when you should get a thermostatic valve. The answer is right away! Basically, a thermostatic valve is an apparatus which helps to regulate the level of temperature of the water in your home. It keeps water from getting too hot or too cold in many ways. You can assign the desired temperature of water in the thermostatic valve so every time you open the faucet or other water outputs you enjoy the water in the temperature that you like. There are a few examples of daily and highly important occasions when you will find that owning a thermostatic valve is necessary, so here they are.

Thermostatic Valve

Stepping into the Shower

Taking a shower is much easier in the morning when the water is toasty warm but not piping hot. To achieve this, you will need a thermostatic valve. Let us say you do not have a thermostatic valve handy and you have woken up to a super crisp and chilly day – what do you do? You can either wait for the water heater to start heating up the water or you fill up a big bucket of cold water and add hot water you have boiled in the stove. Either way, you waste time – so having a thermostatic valve really does come in quite handy.

When you are taking a shower and using a water heater, you can easily get a “cold shock” if someone suddenly flushes the water from the toilet. The rush of water messes up the flow of hot water to your area because they share the same pipes, so for a couple of seconds you suddenly bathe in super cold water! Having a thermostatic valve eliminates this so you can enjoy your shower in peace without worrying about your next cold wave when someone else in the house suddenly flushes the toilet.

Water from the Faucet

Aside from the shower, you also have another water output that needs the assistance of the thermostatic valve: the faucet. In the bathroom, moderating the temperature comes in handy when washing your face or filling up a small tub of lukewarm water to let your intimates soak in. In the kitchen, you certainly need a sink-full of hot water to soak in your dirty and oily dishes. Having a thermostatic valve makes these tasks easier and less complicated. You either have a main switch upon where you control the water in the kitchen, or you mix and match the hot and cold faucets until you get your desired level of temperature.

Indeed, owning a home is so much better when you have already installed a thermostatic valve. You will never be able to appreciate the things it does for you unless you are made aware of it, and you have to make it a top priority when you have just moved into your new home!

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