Work from home still trending despite pandemic winding down

It’s been more than two years since the first few cases of COVID-19 were reported in China. Over 450 million cases have been diagnosed thus far, yet in the process, people learned how to live with the virus.

Adapting to pandemic conditions meant, in some situations, changing one’s work routine, which led to the growing popularity of work from home. According to Forbes, this approach is here to stay and could accelerate further into 2023, even though the latest Omicron strain is less lethal and many people are vaccinated.

working from home in 2022

Greater flexibility

Shifting to working from home made people realize this comes with numerous benefits. Above all is the greater flexibility that it enables – especially to parents, who can adjust their work schedule to their children’s needs and activities. However, there’s more to it than that.

According to experts at WebAcademyst, the popular online academy, the tech-dominated world opens up many new opportunities. Working from home means you can also work from anywhere in the world, and many geographical restraints are negated. Also, work and personal life blend into each other, something that might pose some challenges, but overall, can be very beneficial.

People still skeptical

On top of the flexibility benefits, it’s also true that people remain skeptical with regards to the easing trend of COVID-19 spreads. Close to 2 million new cases are being reported worldwide daily, more than in any of the prior waves of infection.

The fear of going out in public has many embracing a more conservative approach, thus still opting for remote work. Masks, physical distancing, and handwashing will probably stay dominant in the post-COVID world. For now, work from home remains a viable solution.

why people choose to work from home

Better prospects to advance professionally

It is still very challenging to progress and advance in the work environment, where competition is fierce. When working from home, some of the barriers are removed. Platforms such as WebAcademyst provide access to insightful courses and it’s possible to learn new skills, without having to get a degree or to take time off from work.

Attending courses physically consumes a lot of time. When learning online, though, each person can do it at their own pace and time. With more knowledge on various topics, you can take on more challenging projects and improve your skills. This is a step in the right direction for a potential promotion, for example.

The pandemic reshaped behaviors and for those with an open-minded approach, this could mean new opportunities on a professional level. Professions that have been around for decades no longer fit well in an economy dependent on technology, and also a world in which people have different needs. Will you know how to seize these opportunities?

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