Why World’s Youngest Nation South Sudan Trapped In Severe Famine

The citizens of youngest nation on Earth don’t know from where their next meal would come and about 100,000 of them are near to death due to starvation.

Why World Youngest Nation South Sudan Trapped In Severe Famine

South Sunda, which gained independence in 2011 with the help of United States, is undergoing a severe phase of famine. It is one of the least developed countries in the world and has experienced decades of civil war.

Regional tribes rebelled in the southern part of Sudan since 1950s and millions of people died over the years. Bush administration intervened with humanitarian and diplomatic campaign to make them independent from the rule of Khartoum, people of Arab heritage.

United States sent $11 billion aid along with all the required support to train the South Sudanese government and security forces. During the independence time it was believed the Khartoum will no longer rule over the South Sudanese and also oil was there beneath.

south sudan hunger

The people voted unanimously to create their own state and carve out themselves from Africa’s largest nation Sudan, but within two years the nation crumbled into a full-scale war. Mass atrocities, slave raiding, aerial bombing, child soldier recruitment and rape became a regularity.

Leaders of two main ethnic groups, the Nuer and the Dinka, went into war over power and oil. There is no road that was built, no sewer that was constructed and very rarely one could find school as a result of government investment. Money has disappeared. The money has been stolen. No sign of the wealth could be seen in the villages and thousands of people have gathered in a village called Mayom after trekking for entire day through drowning land and killing fields to a white strip where food is promised.

Food arrived at 700 feet and 190 miles an hour. It was scattered in the sky that cratered on Earth as it it was a volley of mortars.

south sudan hunger

The United Nations World Food Programme has chartered commercial cargo planes for the purpose of dropping food.

A data reveals emergency response of South Sudan costs one-and-a-half million dollars a day.

Millions of lives are now depending on the food programme of UN to keep them alive and healthy.

Amid all these, the civil was still exists in the country and several humanitarian organizations think it to be dangerous place to work.

South Sudan is such a rare nation in the world where people really have never known what peace is.

Sudan gained independence in the 1950s from the Egyptian and the British.

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