7 Health Benefits of Hemp Oil That You Should Know

This short article goes some way to dispel myths and controversies surrounding the use of hemp oil among progressive and health-oriented men and women, still very much in the minority, sometimes waxing mischievously on why hemp oil from love hemp is a groovy thing.

7 Health Benefits of Hemp Oil That You Should Know

Why all the Controversy

Before progressing to just seven health benefits derived from utilizing hemp oil (now a legal substance in many countries of the world where legislation has been enacted) it is necessary to give a very brief description of what it is exactly. The controversy stems, if you will, mainly from the fact that this oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant which, mainly in the past, was advantageously and (unfortunately) illegally used to produce the psychological and hallucinatory effects derived through smoking.

Producing Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is produced through the pressing of the hemp seeds, much like the process of producing olive oil from the olive tree. Cold pressed or unrefined, hemp oil has a dark to light green color and is nutty in flavor. The rest of this article now focuses on those benefits. Firstly, it briefly outlines the health benefits and then concludes with a couple of cosmetic benefits.

7 Health Benefits of Hemp Oil That You Should Know

Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

  • Vegan alternative – It has long been a conundrum for strict vegans in being able to derive similar benefits normally only found in meat. Now they can, because the oil contains the vital omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.
  • A great cholesterol buster – Due to the inclusion of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, hemp oil has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels by quickening the human body’s metabolism.
  • An alternative for diabetics – This is being posed more as a question because those suffering from type 2 diabetes still need to be strictly monitored.
  • Creating hormonal balance – Hemp is the only seed that contains gamma-linolenic acid which is converted to the protective hormone known as prostaglandin. This hormone regulates the body’s required hormonal balance.
  • Immunodeficiency booster – Yet another question could be posed because those suffering from serious diseases such as HIV aids currently still need to maintain a strict regime of prescribed medication in order to remain healthy.

But in both the above two cases, answers are positive. This is because the oil is low in carbohydrate and sugar content and acts as a natural barrier against microbes trying to infect the body.

There are Cosmetic Benefits to Using Hemp Oil

  • Energizing the skin – Because of the oil’s high omega 3 and omega 6 (fatty acid) content, the hempseed oil has the ability to regenerate the skin as an organic moisturizer.
  • Varicose veins treatment – The prevalence of varicose veins remains an unsightly blight for those who suffer from it. But hemp oil reduces these physical effects because of its ability to thin the body’s blood naturally.

The list of benefits health benefits derived from utilizing hempseed oil is still growing. Research continues in order to determine emphatically that hemp oil is a perfect antidote to all ills that afflict men and women today.

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