Basic Tips How To Keep You Body, Mind Fit Amid Corporate Lifestyle

The life is busy, the work environment is hectic, the good sleep is a weekend job and real friends have become rare. Such lifestyle adds up stress, depression and poor health. People have forgotten about their wellbeing and the wellness packages have long gone. The company don’t understand health and fitness of employees and everything is like a fast paced. Work is good as you get financial rewards, but it should never ever be at the cost of your good health. Below are some tips how to keep your body and mind fit:

Basic stretches

The current work style is to sit more at our desks and this may cost you more on your physical wellbeing. If a lot of time is spent sitting down, you may face several issues from weak core, poor posture, tight and inactive parts of your body, and all these may lead to lower back pain, injury or poor movement. It is highly suggested to do some basic stretches like drills every day for about 10 minutes. This will help you to remain fit.

Mobility tools

Health experts suggest to bring mobility tools like foam rollers, lacrosse balls and resistance bands in and around training sessions. Exercises like pigeon stretch and couch stretch may help you remain fit even after long hours of sitting at work place.

Mental fitness

Always remember that physical fitness is highly important in life, but don’t misunderstand that you n need to lift weights or running under the bar to hit a squad. It is more important to spend some spare time on your mindset and this should in fact be encouraged in today’s lifestyle and busy working environment. You can opt for meditation, yoga or mindfulness to improve your mental fitness. This will speed up your slowed down brain and release stress out.

Slow down to speed back up

In today’s working environment we always try to chase deadlines and do things with a great intensity. It is also common to hear that people don’t have time and usually land up with demands like fast lunches, junk food or quick-fixes to cover time, but it is also a fact that these leads to poor mobility, weight gain and falling off the health. It is suggested to slow down and spend enough time over lunching, cycling, exercising and other things that helps in relaxing your mind. Give value to these basics and don’t forget to drink lot of water, listen good music and slow down your now and then.

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