Choosing a yoga dance ball

Yoga dance balls are often used in physical therapy. They are also called exercise balls or stability balls. A yoga dance ball provides support during hip openers, back bends and other restorative yoga poses. It can help a yoga teacher increase overall strength and flexibility.

Choosing a yoga dance ball

What is a Yoga Dance Ball?

Yoga dance balls are versatile exercise tools. Despite their name, yoga dance balls can be used for a lot more than just the practice of it in yoga house or yoga garden. Yoga dance balls are used regularly in gyms, rehabilitation centers, yoga house, yoga garden and fitness classes of all kinds.

Yoga dance balls are especially popular amongst people who want to strengthen their back and core (stomach muscles). This is because yoga dance balls allow practitioners a wider range of motion while forcing one to maintain proper alignment.

What to Consider When Buying a Yoga Dance Ball

A yoga dance ball buyer should select a sturdy yoga dance ball that is suitable for the size of his or her body and the type of yoga exercise routines he or she normally practices under the guidance of yoga teacher.

Yoga Dance Balls for Every Person’s Size

Select a yoga dance ball that is height-appropriate. A 75cm ball works well for people who are at least six feet tall. A 55cm yoga dance ball is better for adults who are shorter than 64 inches (5 feet, 4 inches) tall. A 65cm works well for everyone else in between.

Core Advantage Stability Balls

Core Advantage stability balls provide exercise tools for full-body workouts. This type of ball comes with a resistance band for the arms. Core Advantage stability balls provide a challenging and efficient workout that thus strengthens not only back and core muscles but also the arms. These balls are available in the same variety of sizes as normal yoga balls.

Thera-Band Exercise Balls

Thera-Band exercise balls can be used for exercise, but are designed specifically for the purpose of rehabilitation. They can help strengthen the muscles responsible for enabling good posture. This in turn eases people’s back pain. Thera-Band exercise balls come in the same variety of sizes as regular yoga balls.

How to Use a Yoga Dance Ball

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A yoga dance ball can be used for extra support while one practices difficult yoga postures under the guidance of yoga teacher. There are many videos available about how to use a yoga dance ball when practicing yoga or Pilates at yoga house or yoga garden. Another option is to take classes that incorporate the use of yoga dance balls.

Yoga dance balls also generally come with a manual that inform one about how to incorporate the ball into any existing fitness routine.

A yoga dance ball can support one in doing challenging exercises. It is important to ensure that the type of ball one selects is sturdy, appropriate for his or her size and suitable for his or her fitness purposes.

Best Fitness Equipment Accessories for Home Gyms

Fitness accessories are a useful addition to any home gym and, if budgets are tight, are a good alternative to more expensive home exercise machines. They also take up far less space than cycles or rowers and can be used outdoors or transported in a car for those who like to exercise with friends.

This article looks at the benefits of some of the most popular fitness accessories for home use.

Weight Benches

An essential piece of fitness equipment for strength training exercises, weight benches are not just for body builders. Good quality basic benches from brands like York cost from £70 and can be used for a variety of exercises; perform arm raises using free weights, lie horizontally and do vertical weighted shoulder push-ups, lie face down for outward arm raises or simply use the weight bench for angled push-ups.

Fitness Balls

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A great all round piece of fitness equipment for strengthening all muscle groups, fitness balls also improve flexibility, posture and balance. Costing between £10 an £15, they come in three sizes, 55cm, 65cm and 75cm and it’s important to buy the right size for a person’s height. Available from many different brands, look for those that supply exercise DVDs to encourage a wide variety of different exercises and for gym balls that are anti-burst. When not in use, they also substitute as a chair for back pain sufferers, forcing the user to sit up perfectly straight.

Free Weights and Dumbbells

Dumbbells and free weights are available in a wide variety of sizes and weights. Light hand weights with plastic coatings often come in sets with weights of 1.5kg through to 5kg and are good value for money. They are useful for both static strength exercises and can also be used with workout videos.

Free weights tend to be favored more by men looking to build those six pack abs and biceps. Most often made of metal, they can be bought as either fixed free weights or adjustable weights using spinlocks to secure additional weights onto a bar.

Other Gym Accessories

Also worth considering as part of mini home gyms are:

Skipping ropes – great for aerobic exercise and co-ordination and surprisingly tough if practiced for a long period of time.
Hand grips – the perfect fitness accessory for strengthening wrists, fingers and hands that often get overlooked.
Twist board – a simple circular board used for balancing, slimming and toning.
Rug runner – a curved bar with footplates used for balancing and strength training; also great for those in rehabilitation after an injury.
Resistance bands – available either as a simple stretchy piece of thin or with handles; use for bicep curls and a wide variety of other arm and leg exercises.
Fitness mat – essential for floor exercises and also great for yoga stretching.
Home Fitness Equipment Accessories
If looking to get fit and lose weight on a budget, consider the above home fitness equipment accessories. Choose from free weights, gym balls, hand grips, skipping ropes and other accessories for portable equipment that is practical and easy to store.

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