Dengue fever- a silent killer in the mix

Dengue fever- a silent killer in the mix

People in India are suffering from a lot of problems. Be it crowded streets, problems in governance, or even rampant bribes, nothing would have a lot of negative effects on their health. However, with the recent growth of Dengue fever, one can be pleasantly surprised and understand why this is known as one of the leading killers of the current generation. It is more or less a silent killer, and all the symptoms start showing up extremely late, and then you are already under such a stress that you would not be able to find the medication is working on you.

Dingell favor and its symptoms

When you have a shivering cold, and there is a noticeable increase and decrease in your body temperature, then that is malaria. Most of the people confuse dengue with malaria, and therein lies the problem. Now, when you consider the symptoms of Dengue, you will find that most of the symptoms are relating to the pain in the body, mostly in the joints. Yes, the joints are amongst the first places that would start to hurt in the patient, and therein lies the problem. As soon as you experience pain of such sorts, then it becomes pretty important for you to rush to a doctor and get your blood sample checked out. When this happens, sooner or later, you would be able to see the diagnosis of dengue fever.

Problems related to Dengue fever

If you have a look at the common symptoms and the blood work, you would realize that this is a type of problem that could affect any person. Yes, the mosquito which is the vector of the Dengue fever will bite during the day as well as during the night. So, avoiding the mosquitoes for a particular time of the day and night is not going to be a possibility. Yes, you could put on your repellent creams in your body, and that in fact is going to work to a certain extent. However, even that has its own limitations; hence the best way for you to get rid of them is to get rid of all the standing water in and around your house.

So, when you come across problems in relation to the growth of mosquitoes in and around your house, it is always important for you to think about getting rid of the standing water. Otherwise, you could take the alternate route and go for using the kerosene or oil and put that on the surface of the water. What this does is to limit the amount of larva of the mosquitoes growing in the water, and since they would be cut off from the sources of oxygen, they would slowly die off.

This is something that needs to be done on a municipality level, and only then will you be able to see fruitful results. So, the Dengue fever will be able to remain controlled without having to worry about any other qualitative issues of problems.

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