Embarrassing pregnancy problems which you should be aware of

Embarrassing pregnancy problems which you should be aware of

Most of the symptoms of pregnancy expect for the growth of the bump will not be so evident to others. The world thinks you are all well and fine but the reality will be far from being true. You will be experiencing a lot of  pregnancy symptoms which will be weird and sometimes so embarrassing that you can’t even tell this to anyone. According to some of the best gynecology specialist in Chandigarh these are some of the symptoms which will put you in an embarrassing state:

pregnancy problems

  • Gas and burps are very common. As your baby grows, there will be more space in your belly due to baby growth and the space will get tightened which in turn makes your bowel and digestion becomes very erratic. This leaves you gassy and bloated. Eating smaller and frequent smells can help you in digestion and also avoid the feel of bloated.
  • Darkening of skin is another thing you might face. If you are fair, then this symptom will sure shot leave you embarrassed. Skin blackening happens near nipples, eyes, nose and cheeks. This is due to the production of a hormone called melanin. There is no prevention for this but you can reduce the extent of effect by using sunscreen. Even if it does not work do not worry as this will change once you deliver the baby.
  • Frequent urination and constipation can be a troubling one especially if you are a working women. This might cause a lot of embarrassing episodes in your daily life. The reason for this is your pregnancy hormones which will slower hour digestive track and hence ’cause constipation. The pressure if expanding uterus can put pressure on your urinary bladder and cause frequent irons too.
  • Itchy nipples due to the expanding breast and development of milk glands will be disturbing. But these symptoms are not so extensive that it would disturb your daily life. As your breast grows, the sensitive skin stretches and causes itchiness.
  • Leaky urine is very common during the second and third trimester as the growing baby is going to put pressure in your lower abdomen and hence there will be pressure on your urinary bladder. This can be a real embarrassing thing as you might want to wear pads because urine might leak every time there is pressure like while you laugh or sneeze.

All of these symptoms are very natural and you need not sorry about this. This is your body’s natural mechanism as it prepares for labour. Do not take any medication of any of the above problem until otherwise it becomes very serious and causes discomfort. Pay a visit to your doctor before you decide anything on your own


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