Energy healing modalities – Quartz crystal therapy

The power of crystals has been studied for the advancement of technology, as quartz crystals are used in a variety of devices from watches to electronics. The concept of using crystals for energy healing modalities, however, is often perceived as an outdated practice of ancient cultures that did not have access to the modern technology of today, or as a fabricated concept of speculative fiction. Quartz crystal energy healing modalities therapy is in fact a thriving facet of alternative medicine, with potentially a greater role in modern medicine once more is understood about the potential role of crystals.

Quartz crystal therapy

The Power of Crystals Examined

In order to understand quartz crystal energy healing modalities therapy, it is important to understand the innate properties of quartz crystals. Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide. Scientists have found that silicon crystals, especially when fused with other elements, have specialized energy transduction properties. Not only can they be used for electrical and thermal conductivity, but they are extremely precise in their use, making them highly effective tools for energy enhancement and focus.

Structurally, crystals represent perfection. They are made of a mathematically precise lattice of atoms, and are the most orderly substances in nature. The crystalline structure responds in a particular way to different forms of energy, from heat, light, and sound, to electricity, gamma rays, and even the subtle energies used in crystal healing therapy. The particular resonant frequency of a piece of crystal depends on how it is cut in terms of thickness and size.

How Quartz Crystal Healing Therapy Works

The science of crystal energy healing modalities is similar to the way crystals are used in technological devices. Energy is channeled through the crystal. The molecular structure of the crystal than oscillates, resulting in a certain resonance of energy emission.

Crystals can be used to reflect, refract, magnify, balance, store, focus, and amplify energy. They can take the subtle energy intended by a crystal healer and direct it towards the patient, either balancing their subtle energy bodies, supplying an intense, focused source of healing energy to an area of disharmony, or releasing negative thought forms that may be causing disease through their relentless presence in one of the subtle energy bodies.

Using Multiple Quartz Crystals for Healing

Quartz crystal therapy

The power of crystals energy healing modalities can be further amplified by combining multiple crystals in specific geometric patterns, thus creating unified energy fields known as gridwork systems. The energies of several quartz crystals work in harmony, yielding a stronger energy field-strength and a more intense therapeutic effect. A crystal healer working with a grid work system generally sits in the center of the geometrical pattern made by the crystals, and holds a focal crystal to unify and direct the subtle energies. The frequencies emanate in circular wave patterns, intersecting from one another and forming a dynamic subtle energy grid.

Quartz Crystal Healing Therapy Without a Crystal Healer

A crystal healer enhances the healing power of their own psychic healing energies with quartz crystals. The power of crystals, however, is not dependent on a crystal healer. It is believed that quartz crystals energy healing modalities carry their own inherent healing properties, as they naturally absorb negative energy and transmit only positive, beneficial energy.

Through physical proximity to the crystals, or using a technique, such as the Ayurvedic method of infusing healing resonant frequencies into a glass of water overnight and then drinking it, one can use crystals for healing independently of a healer. Crystal healing therapy is known to be beneficial for alleviating pain, promoting mental clarity, elevating one’s vibration, refracting disharmonious energies, attracting positive energy, and releasing negative energy.

Quartz crystal energy healing modalities therapy can be as simple as a way to increase one’s own well-being through the use of vibrational energy, or as intense as a professional crystal healer working with a the energies of multiple crystals in a gridwork system to heal a major illness. What role crystals played in the past may never be fully understood, but with modern technology, they could play an important role in the future of medicine.

Holistic Healing Using Crystals

Energy healing modalities

Since ages man has found power and mysticism in stones and crystals. Early races of humanity used them for protection and to dispel negative energies. Until the crystals are dug from the earth they lie silently in the lap of mother earth. Once put to use they can definitely affect our physical body, our luck and environment around us.

Modern technology use clear quartz crystals in radio transmitting and receiving signals. Computer chips are a type of crystals, storing and releasing information in the form of electromagnetic energy. The credit card carried in your wallet contains tiny crystals storing vital personal information.

Crystals are widely used for healing, and there is a transcendent nature attached to crystals. The possession of crystal brings about the change which is instrumental in bringing process of healing. This is called consciousness opening or spiritual initiation.

The properties of crystals can be measured scientifically for electromagnetic energy, piezoelectric energy as well as for known chemical substances. On the other hand, no instrument can measure the consciousness factor involved in the healing process.

Before the crystals are to be used they are cleansed, charged, activated and programmed.

Cleansing removes negative energy in crystals which comes from its earlier owner or place. Cleansing involves putting the crystals in salt water overnight. Charging ensures crystals are ready electromagnetically, sunlight charges crystals with ultraviolet light, sunlight balance and recoup the male energy (yang). Dug up crystals contains more of female energy, called yin. Activation involves awakening the consciousness in crystal. This can be accomplished by holding the crystals in hand, sleeping with it placing it beneath pillow, gazing at it. This process starts the energy connection with the person using the crystal.

Programming is final process done before using it for healing. Each crystal comes within built set of instructions, it has its own mission or, say, healing properties along with a spiritual energy center, which is ready to store a new set of instructions. The crystalline structure of the crystal is capable of storing the thought energy. If the thought energy is for healing, crystal will resonate and amplify the energy, which at subtle level becomes instrumental in initiating healing.

In her book entitled Crystal Healing, (Octopus Publishing Group, 2005) Judy Hall believes that “Crystals absorb, focus, transmute and transmit electro magnetic energy after all they have lain within the earth’s magnetic field for millennia”.

Crystals come in different color, size, texture, chemical composition. This aspect makes them unique for using them for particular purpose or disease. This is attributable to its built in natural set of instructions. Some of the basic healing crystals are,

Clear Quartz: Amplifies thoughts and intensions.

Amethyst: Spiritual awareness, remove bad habits and addiction.

Rose Quartz: Calming effect.

Smokey Quartz: Dissolves negative energy.

The list is endless. Experiments can be started with one or two crystals according to the individual need. Watch for emerging changes. After crystals have been charged, they can be made a permanent companion. Keeping them always in your pocket or bag, placing them on table or hanging them in the room increases their effect. A piece of clear crystal kept beneath the pillow enhances peaceful sleep. And crystals are not. They are easily available from the local jewelers, online or via shops that promote holistic healing.

Life qualities can be enhanced by the nature’s most beautiful gift.

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