Exercise and lose weight using metal detecting finds and prospecting

Metal detecting finds – Metal detecting or using a coin detector is a cost-effective, fun, and entertaining hobby that the entire family can participate in. While this hobby will provide loads of excitement each time an object is detected, it will get the family “out of the house” and provide some good outdoor exercise for everyone with metal detecting finds.

Exercise and lose weight using metal detecting finds and prospecting

Metal Detecting and Fitness with Coin Detector

It’s amazing how much walking can be done by using coin detector. Staying busy at this hobby can provide at least a mile of walking each time you’re out, and you will surely “break a sweat” if you really work at it. Not only will you be walking, but if you are searching on a good place, you will constantly bend and stretch to dig your relics with the coin detector.

This is also a good way to get the children outside and away from the video games and computers. While metal detecting with metal detecting finds, children love wondering what they will dig next; it could be a can tab, a quarter, or a long lost gold ring. Just don’t forget to cover up your holes when you finish digging!

Exercising While Relic Hunting

While you are out “prospecting” with your metal detecting finds, remember to keep a steady pace to burn those calories. You are trying to accomplish two objectives here: relic hunting and exercising – two rewards for one task.

Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight while relic hunting, but you will get exercise and get away from the television set. Most importantly, the children will get exercise as well. Exercise can be obtained from just about any outdoor hobby.

Metal detecting finds is only one fun way to get exercise without the real-feel of exercising. Just keep in mind; it’s important to make exercising fun for the entire family.

A Few Types of Metal Detectors

coin detector

There are various types of metal detectors on the market to choose from. Some can be really expensive but most are reasonably affordable. Here’s a list of some of the most popular and affordable metal detectors.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors
White’s Metal Detectors
Garrett Metal Detectors
Coin detector

When deciding on a metal detecting finds, consider the size and weight of the detector and especially the cost. A large metal detector can be heavy to carry around for a child or smaller person. If this hobby seems like too much work, the metal detector will end up in the closet.

Before purchasing your coin detector, read any reviews that have been posted on that particular model. As with any product, if it has bad reviews – stay away from it.

The Great Outdoors

Once you have finished searching your own yard, you can start searching other places where metal detecting is allowed. This is where the family can get involved and do a bit of research to determine your next “hunting grounds”.

If you know where great-grandpa’s old house used to be, search that location too. Parks, old fairgrounds, and school yards are just a few places where relics can be found.

Whatever area you decide to search, let the family participate in determining the next search grounds. Pack a lunch and have a picnic while the family is out and make an entire day out of it. You might even encourage the children to take up this rewarding hobby as well as other outdoor hobbies.

The Science of Muscle Building

Muscle building is something that has been analyzed and studied intensely especially over the last few decades. There is constantly new research being done, especially to counter the myths that have become predominate among fitness enthusiasts and the general public. The exact science of muscle building is still a mystery in many ways, as there is still a lot to be understood. There are many complex chemical reactions involved, and as such the entire scope is not fully understood, however, most scientists attribute all bodily processes as a way of sustaining the life of the individual, and that includes the growth of muscles.

How it works

Metal detecting finds

The process of working out and exercising the muscles, specifically when the muscles have been pushed to the limit creates what is called ‘micro tears’ in the muscles. This actually damages the muscle slightly, which causes the body’s defense mechanism to power up and increase the muscle strength in order to survive. The scientific term for building muscle is known as hypertrophy, and the process is termed as anabolism, which is applied to any building or growth. The hormones responsible for this growth are known as Anabolic Hormones, which control and stimulate muscle growth. A male specific hormone, testosterone also plays a large role in the production of muscle, and the testosterone levels increase with more muscle building for men, with females the testosterone levels stay the same.

Steroids. Safe, Superfluous or Stupid

Illegal supplements such as steroids contain these hormones, which are either ingested or injected into the body to dramatically speed up and increase the production of muscle in the body. The reason that these are illegal is not just because they give an unfair advantage to sports competitors. The unnatural extra hormones has been proved to increase the risk of heart disease and cancer, and besides numerous psychological problems including addiction and depression, can also cause the body to counter the over abundant male hormones with extra female hormones and even female traits (such as growth in the breasts; Gynecomastia).

Feel the Burn

Many different experts and professionals adopt the use of the technique of training to failure in their personal exercises and recommended it for its advantageous effects on the body. The body will only build muscle if it feels that it is needed, that is why after a period of non-exercise the body will break down the muscle for extra energy. The ‘pumped’ look and feel after a set is actually extra water and blood from surrounding cells, which is why muscles look bigger after a workout.

There are many aspects to successful muscle building, and new techniques, methods and supplements are constantly being discovered, with varying levels of success in each case however, the basic causes of muscle growth are generally thought to be a defense mechanism resulting from the hardwired survival instinct of every human.

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