Folk Medicine : Stay Healthy with Traditional Herbalism

Folk medicines are as old as civilization. Humans had developed many ways to adapt to their environments. People had to come up with remedies to cure pain, treat injuries and common illness. knowledge of treatments was gathered from nature itself.

Over time, the concept of medication has evolved. Traditional folk remedies have been developed to treat many forms of sickness. It is difficult to formulate the answer to “what is traditional medicine”. Today, the World Health Organization defines traditional medicine as skills based on beliefs and experiences practiced by ethnic groups for the improvement of health.

A variety of traditional treatments have been derived from folk remedies. We can see traces of traditional medications used in physical and mental health treatments, in cosmetology, and dietology. So let us dig deeper into the many benefits of traditional herbalism.

Herbal Therapy Folk Medicine : Stay Healthy with Traditional Herbalism

Why Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy is considered to be beneficial for health. However, It is common to confuse folk medication and herbal therapy. Traditional folk therapies are dependent on indigenous vegetation. What is we have today are the natural treatments influenced and derived from certain practices of traditional remedies.

Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicines are popular.Often pharmaceuticals are supplemented with traditional ailments. It is necessary to understand that herbal medicine can have side effects. Their extent is highly dependant on the lifestyle and the conditions of the patient. That is why such treatments have to be undertaken after consulting with a qualified herbalism guide.

A herbalism trainer can tell which medicine is best suited for an ailment. Traditional treatments are usually more affordable and easier to obtain. Also, most drugs are based on traditional herbs.

Common Herbal Medicines

Some of the most common traditional medications are based on garlic, ginseng and the like. It is surprising how many of herbs we use in our daily diet without realizing their healing value. One particular plant can have many properties that are useful for more than one treatment.

ginseng and garlic Folk Medicine : Stay Healthy with Traditional Herbalism

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

Among the natural remedies, asian ginseng and garlic are considered to have a mild effect on blood pressure and to deal with cardiovascular diseases. Grape seed is said to offer ailment in conditions like hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and hypercholesterolemia. Hawthorn is another herb that is used against hypertension. Green tea is widely used to aid in weight loss. This in turn reduces cardiovascular issues.

2. Lung Diseases

When it comes to respiratory health, lobelia, and eucalyptus are used to cleanse the lungs and clear nasal passages. Lungwort is another plant used to treat irritations. Other commonly used herbs for lungs include plantain leaf, peppermint, oregano, and Osha root.

Milk Thistle Folk Medicine : Stay Healthy with Traditional Herbalism

3. Liver Diseases

Milk Thistle is a common plant used to fight chronic liver diseases. Phyllanthus amarus and ribwort are another two worth being considered for hepatitis and associated conditions.  When developing a herbal treatment for liver problems it is especially necessary keep your diet in mind

4. Gall Bladder

Herbal medicines have always been used to get rid of gallstones. Milk Thistle, dandelion, apple cider vinegar, castor oil are used to remove gallstones from bladders. Garlic and ginger are also common remedies for stomach issues, digestive tract problems, and inflammations.

Jujube Dates Folk Medicine : Stay Healthy with Traditional Herbalism

5. Spleen Diseases

From spleen enlargement to deficiencies, traditional Chinese medicine has many remedies. Codonopsis, Ginseng, Astragalus, Jujube Dates are still used by experts for many spleen diseases. Good herbalism trainers will help you construct a diet from these plants.

Herbal medicines work best when the prescribed diet is also followed accurately. It is a great option to maintain health. All synthetic elements can be substituted for organic counterparts. Thus having a herbal diet encourages for you to have a holistic healthy lifestyle. Additionally, traditional medicine is a source of cultural information. Communities that hold on to their medicinal practises retain their identity and history.

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