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Get power of healing through reiki distance healing

Many health conscious people across the world are turning towards reiki distance healing to keep themselves fit and fine, but before we move ahead let’s learn what is reiki and from where it originated.

reiki distance healing

Reiki brief tips:

Do Not Anger
Do Not Worry
Be Filled With Gratitude
Devote Yourself to Your Work
Be kind to All

Reiki has been widely used in Japan since the late 1800s to treat a variety of health conditions. Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, recommended that one practice certain simple ethical ideals, or “principles” to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures. The principles, the “Gokai”, are to be affirmed in the morning and at night, prior to meditation and a Reiki treatment, and kept in one’s thoughts during the day. These ideals, listed above, are called the five “Reiki Principles”.

Dr Mikao Usui taught student Chujiro Hayashi, who then taught Hawayo Takata who went on to introduce Reiki to the United States in the 1940s where it has since gained increasing popularity and acceptance.

Reiki is taught in four levels with the fourth level being the Master/Teacher level. It can take years to achieve this. Some Masters demand certain requirements be fulfilled over time before a student proceeds to the next level; often, daily self-treatment, receiving treatment and treating others are part of the requirements. One of the main ingredients in Reiki is mastering the Reiki Symbols. This is a two-step process of learning how to write the symbol, spell and pronounce the name and learn its applications. Then, with guided practice, the essence of the energy behind the symbol comes to be known.

reiki distance healing

Practitioners believe disease occurs whenever the flow of life-force energy becomes disrupted. Hands are laid onto a person and the Reiki flows, the energy channels become attuned and aligned, improving health and enhancing the quality of life. A Reiki treatment allows one to tap into the unlimited Universal Life-Force Energy to heal energy channels. Reiki can be applied to adults, children, animals and plants. It always works for the good, therefore can do no harm. It must be said that the power of Reiki can also be received without actually making contact with the patient. In fact, there have been many documented cases where the patient received the healing power of Reiki from a distance, without even being in the room.

Reiki in the Medical Field

Reiki is being accepted as a meaningful and cost-effective way to improve Patient Care. Many Hospitals are incorporating it into their roster of patient services – often with their own Reiki-trained Physicians, Nurses and Support Staff, and facilitating reiki distance healing.

They encouraged all hospitals to participate even if they did not have any Reiki programs at all in place at their hospital so they could get an accurate picture of the overall use of Reiki in hospitals. What they found: 60% of the respondents have Reiki programs, formal or informal, in place. Showing that Reiki is becoming more accepted.

Proof in action

Since the benefits of Reiki and other touch modalities are difficult to prove in the standard clinical sense, the only way to find out if it works is to try it! Many people are skeptical at first. We’re not used to talking about things like life forces and energy systems. But when we touch each other with a genuine interest in helping, the results speak for themselves.


How is Reiki Used

Reiki is used for a variety of situations where the body’s energy is in a state of imbalance whether it is spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, past, present or future. Since the energy used in Reiki comes from the Universe rather than from the practitioner, there is an abundance of energy that can be utilized to shorten the time for healing to occur.

If you are in good health, Reiki energy helps uphold your healthy state. If you experience a sense of imbalance in your body, mind or spirit, contact a local Reiki practitioner who may also be a Massage Therapist or a Body worker, or go for reiki distance healing.

Mind and Body

Reiki balances energies and deletes blockages in the natural flow of Ki. The Reiki practitioner who has been attuned to channel the Universal Life Energy lays his/her hands on or near the body’s 7 major energy chakras which are located along the spinal column or midline of the body.

This powerful positive Life Energy enters the body near a Chakra and goes wherever there is a need for re-vitalization. Once blockages are cleared, the natural flow of Ki is open and healing of mind, body, and spirit begins.

There are fifty different kinds of healing being used where the word ‘Reiki’ is a part of its name. The same is available in reiki distance healing.

Examples of the more common variations include:

Reido Reiki

This method is a combination of various Japanese techniques and Western style Reiki where the emphasis is on meditation, having a regular Reiki practice and living life with sincerity. Unlike the Usui system, which has 3 levels of preparation, this approach has 7 levels.

Crystal Reiki

The combination of crystals with Reiki is based on the healing properties of specific crystals where the color of the crystal is matched to the color of the Chakra.

Angel Touch Reiki

The focus is on balancing the body, mind, and spirit through the combined use of Reiki and Angel Energy whereby the participant achieves a complete spiritual transformation.

Therapeutic Touch Overview

Reiki is energy healing; it is the technique of laying the hands on a body for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is encountering an increase in use as clients are seeking out complementary therapy methods which supports and addresses a more natural approach to their health issues and ailments. Reiki distance healing has picked up trend lately and people are benefitting.

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