How To Get Rid Of Productive Cough, Dry Cough

How to Stop a Cough

Why is it that when you really cannot be coughing, you always do? Such as during a wedding or church, or during a quiet time or in a quiet place. There are many ways to stop a cough. You just have to be prepared to do so. Here are some things to try.

Dry Cough


1. Suck on a cough drop. This will give your throat some of the moisture that it needs.
2. Take a drink of water. Water will soothe your throat and could make the cough go away.
3. Soothe your cough with honey. Add some honey to hot tea and drink.
4. Drink herbal tea. Herbal tea is known for its soothing properties.
5. Suck on hard candy. Peppermint is nice for it really does soothe.

How to Get Rid of a Productive Cough

Productive coughs are the same as a wet cough. They essentially allow you to spew out mucus or phlegm. Productive coughs allow you to clear out whatever is blocking the airway passage. Therefore you should never suppress one. Here is how you can treat it.


1. Drink lots and lots of fluids. This will allow you to get out all the phlegm out of your respiratorysystem.
2. If you smoke, stop. Smoking damages the cilia in your lungs which will make it harder to get rid of your cough by not allowing the mucus to come out.
3. Stay away from second hand smoke. It is just as bad for you.
4. Use a cough expectorant. This will allow mucus and phlegm to loosen up which will allow you to expel it.

How to Supress a Dry Cough

Dry coughs can be very aggravating. They are coughs that do not spew out any phlegm. They are often painful coughs. So how can you get rid of one or suppress it? Here is how.


1. Watch where you are. Your surroundings will only aggrivate your dry cough if you do not step in. If the air is on, drink some hot fluids. Dress in layers as well so you adjust to temperature changes.
2. Drink some soothing tea. Herbal tea is a great way to help your dry cough.
3. Drink lots of fluids. This will help to loosen the mucus in your chest.
4. Suck on a hard piece of candy. This can suppress your cough.
5. Suppress your cough with a cough suppressant such as Vicks.

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