How to get rid of Dark Circles – Simple Home Remedies for Dark Circles

5 Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Discoloration under the eye mainly known as dark circles is a nightmare to may of us. It happens with aging, but due to the hectic and hassled life we have these days; they are starting in women and men at relatively younger ages. Dark circles are rather unpretty, not just because they are dark but because they give you a cramped look. The main reasons that are involved in dark circles are crying, working for lengthy hours, heredity, aging, dry skin and sometimes sitting in front of the computer which gives you both physical and mental stress. Lack of sleep and improper diet also plays a huge role in the formation of dark circles, especially in women. While they are not nearly serious, they give you an older and exhausted look. Therefore, here are home remedies for dark circles that you might want to try.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Almond Oil

Almond Oil: A natural ingredient as it is, it is beneficial as it keeps the skin delicate and smooth around the eyes. By using almond oil regularly will fade the darkness formed around your eye. Additionally, you can add Vitamin E oil to it and apply it every night before sleep. Leave it overnight and wash it with lukewarm water next morning. This is the best and simple among the home remedies for dark circles.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Cucumber

Cucumber: Known best for astringent properties and skin lightening, they will help in fixing the raccoons very easily. Cut a cucumber into slices, put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then place them on your eyes for more than 10 minutes. Wash the eyes with water after that and repeat this twice in a week.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Potato

Potato: Potatoes are natural bleaching agents and they also reduce the puffiness. Therefore, take two potatoes and get the juice out of them. Take a cotton ball and apply it on the closed eyes and let it dry for 15 minutes. Rise the eyes with cold water. Repeat the process at least twice in a week for better results.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Rose Water

Rose Water: With the ability to rejuvenate the skin, they also provide a soothing effect to the tired eyes. It has astringent properties, and it works as a wonderful toner. Buy rose water, take a cotton eye pad and soak them in rose water for few minutes. Place them on your eyelids for 15 minutes at least twice in a day.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Tomato

Tomato: Tomatoes can lighten the skin because of the bleaching properties they have to an extent. All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of it with a half spoon of lemon extract and apply it on the dark circles. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes and rinse it with cold water. You can just apply the tomato juice as it is or drink a glass of it with lemon, salt and mint leaves in it immediately after mixing them. Drinking it once a day will give you amazing results.

Therefore, follow any of the above mentioned method home remedies for dark circles repetitively for a month or so and check the results for yourself. Get rid of dark circles with these amazing home remedies for dark circles before it’s late!


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