How a Traffic Accident can Impact Your Health

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident you know the aches and pains associated with a sudden impact. Many symptoms may not appear until days after the accident, so take notice if your body suddenly begins hurting. There are many distractions to engage motorists today, from texting to heated conversations in the midst of driving, so even though you may not expect to be involved in an accident your chances are increasing with more cars and drivers traveling the roads here in the UK.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, keep in mind that as soon as you are calm and have received any necessary medical treatment, you should begin gathering information that will help you with an accident claim.

How a Traffic Accident can Impact Your Health

Immediate Pain

The pain that results from a car accident can affect your extremities such as legs and arms to your torso, neck, and spinal cord. If you feel sharp aches and have trouble moving any of these areas, you should go to the hospital immediately. Should you have cuts, abrasions, and obvious injuries, medical professionals should be called to treat you at the scene of the accident. Bleeding must be stopped and your general medical condition should be under control before you are moved. Immediate injury will also include any chest pains, trouble breathing, or double vision that you may experience after a traumatic accident. If medication is prescribed that does not alleviate your suffering, it’s crucial that you contact the doctor to inform him of this situation. Failure to report any swelling can result in additional injury to your body, or in extreme cases, death. This is not a time to worry about how you will pay for treatment; filing road traffic accident claims can cover any medical costs that you incur as a result of an accident.

Later Symptoms

A few days after the accident, you may also develop other symptoms that are out of the ordinary for you. If you have trouble swallowing, moving your neck or back, and if you experience continual headaches, you should consult a doctor to ascertain the cause of these abnormalities. The experts  advise that you keep all receipts and documentation that pertains to your treatment after the accident. Your team of solicitors will use this information as a basis for the amount of claim that you file for. Make sure that you record exact dates, the other people involved in the accident, and additional details that will make interpreting what happened at the accident easy to unfold.

Will You Need Therapy?

If you are so sore and stiff that you cannot resume your regular work or household duties, you will need therapy to help restore your range of motion and movement back to its original level. Your doctor will inform you of any therapy that is needed or any special treatment that is recommended to get you back to normal. Be sure to inform your solicitors of any extra treatment or therapy that you will need so that the charge for this can be included in your claim.

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