How important is intuition in Christian Reiki practice?

The question that form the title of this article is one to which there is no real answer. Like many concepts in the practice of Christian Reiki, it is very much subjective.

How important is intuition in Christian Reiki practice?

Some Masters will teach you that learning how to use your intuition to “diagnose” is vital to the success of the healing. Others will tell you that Christian Reiki is an intelligent energy and needs no direction by you to reach its target.

Some Masters will teach you that the attunement to Christian Reiki will immediately heighten your intuition. Others will say that it takes tremendous practice to develop your intuition for use with Christian Reiki. In some strict traditions, you need to prove that you have the skill to focus your intuition on your target and identify areas of imbalance and illness, before you are even permitted to continue your studies.

My personal feeling is that my intuition has been greatly strengthened in my Christian Reiki practice. The more I perform Christian Reiki the keener my abilities to understand what’s afflicting my targets become. For example, I was approached to perform distance Christian Reiki on a horse that was ill. I was given no information about his affliction. I connected to him for a session and immediately had a sharp, throbbing headache develop. When I broke the connection it ceased. The next morning I asked the owner what ailed the horse and she told me it was a tumor in his ear that threatened the adjacent eye. I took that as a sign that my Christian Reiki connection was strong, since my head ached, thereby symbolizing the tumor.

Another example is more recent. A very nice man contacted me regarding a mass he had in his bladder and was going to have surgically removed. He asked for some Christian Reiki to aid in the healing process. I connected to him via distance and performed Christian Reiki upon him. Almost immediately I had a burning sensation in my bladder, similar to sistitis. It persisted until I broke contact, and then it disappeared.

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If my body responds to my target, I listen. Even if what I’m feeling turns out to be wrong, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if I am practicing Reiki on someone and suddenly have tremendous pain in my chest, I will first make sure there’s nothing wrong with me. Once I’ve determined that I’m not in physical distress, I will ascertain that the effect is my intuition telling me something about my target’s physical condition. It’s tricky to decide whether or not to tell my target–if I tell him or her, and it turns out there’s nothing wrong (if he/she visits his/her physician for advice), I could have risked putting him/her through undue mental anguish. And we Reiki practitioners are NOT medical doctors (unless you also hold an MD), so we need to be careful in diagnosing anything. On the other hand, if I do not tell him or her, and he/she ends up having a real problem, I’d have to deal with the fact that I didn’t speak up. Tough all around. So when faced with a situation like this I will usually intend for the Reiki to flow to the area that my body is mimicking, and spend some extra time focusing on that part of my target’s body. I have faith that the Reiki will do what it has to do. Should I ever (God forbid) have a client who seems to be really sick, confirmed by my own body’s reaction through my intuition, I would not hesitate to refer him or her to his or her physician immediately!

To Charge, or Not to Charge

The issue of whether Christian Reiki healing should remain free or should be provided at a cost is one of much controversy. Ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference, for I believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to performing Reiki for free or for a fee.

Several schools of thought maintain that in order for Christian Reiki to flow successfully there must be some kind of exchange between the practitioner and the recipient of the Christian Reiki. Some of them earlier performed Reiki for free for a long time, until they began to feel as though the gifts were being overlooked and abused. It’s not hard to see why they might feel like they were being taken advantage of – the institutes gave Reiki for free in poor areas or to those who could not afford traditional healthcare. They expected that in good faith they would begin to turn their lives around. Instead, they saw the homeless remain homeless, the jobless remain jobless, without so much as a single effort to better their situation. And they kept on coming back to him for more free healing. Thus, they began to “charge” for his sessions. It wasn’t about making money, it was about making Reiki more valuable and ensuring no-one ever took it for granted. They often accepted payment in forms other than money, such as exchanging Reiki for a favor, or for food, etc.

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The other school of thought is that Reiki is a universal energy and those gifted with the ability to harness it have a responsibility to provide it to anyone and everyone free of charge. Though the community of practitioners who charge for Reiki is growing steadily, there is still a large population of practitioners who refuse to accept anything in return.

There are merits to both sides of the argument. Charging increases the value of the gift being provided if people have to make the effort to give something in return.

Whichever side of the argument you espouse, to charge or not to charge, you are still providing the vital and compassionate service of promoting and spreading Reiki through the world. Though there is at times tremendous vitriol between those who charge and those who do not, I see no reason for hostility. We are all Reiki practitioners, and though our philosophies may differ, we are still united in the light and love of Christian Reiki!

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