How To Keep Yourself Away From Ill-Face Of Social Media

Don’t allow social media to dictate your life. Don’t give permission to it to change your mood or rather damage your self-esteem. Below are some important tips to follow and keep yourself away from the ill-health of social platform. Do also share your own tips with fellow readers in the comment box at the end of the article.

social media

Don’t generate lower self-esteem while comparing yourself in the real world to virtual lives of others.

Don’t allow physical health issues to begin due to bad posture, muscular strain and eye fatigue.

Don’t allow the social platform to interfere your quality sleep. It will disturb circadian rhythm, or body clock, of your body.

Don’t allow the platform to distract your much important offline life significantly.

Take note what Shakespear had said long before. Too much of good thing may not be good. The goal should always be to find the sweet spot from where you can reap the benefits.

Health experts suggest to buy an alarm clock instead of using the alarm of smartphone. This will help in reducing the impulse of checking social media. Put the phone out of sight while sleeping. Rather switch it off, if possible.

Don’t scroll the social media throughout the day to become more productive in work or study and become more focused in life. You life will ultimately be in your control.

Give attention to the person with whom you are instead of remaining away and indulged in social media. Embrace the real life. Do all the scrolling in the loo.

Try to understand for what reason you are using the social media. If it is for work, it is thereafter suggested to develop a marketing strategy.

These days motivational content is dripping all over the social media, but it is very important to choose the most realistic one and the most positive one. Don’t go after the polished one.

Always try to listen to the experts on social media like a professional dietician, trainer and healthcare person. Simply ask yourself whether they are reliable and probably you will get a genuine answer.

The impact of social media is huge and it can be anywhere between the devil and deep blue sea. It can alter your health and the above mentioned tips are not a rocket science to help you out immediately. However, these can work as simple reminders to help you spend less time on social media and more time in the offline life of yours.

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