Laser Can Help You Have Firmer, Tighter Skin

Nobody likes to have loose skin, yet it seems to appear on most people’s arms, stomach, face and other areas. This can be really distressing because integument, which is what skin is called, makes us look out of shape and old, even if we are fit, young and healthy. In the past, the only way to get rid of this type of skin was to have a tummy tuck or face lift. Now, however, you can turn to the best skin tightening Orange County has to offer and experience very good results.

Laser Can Help You Have Firmer, Tighter Skin

Skin tightening can now be achieved by using a variety of non-surgical tools. These methods have quickly grown in popularity and this has, unfortunately, also given rise to a number of misleading advertisements suggesting simple lotions and potions can target loose skin.

How Does Skin Tightening Work?

In order for skin to be firm, it has to have good elasticity. This means that the skin can snap back after it moves from the body. This is only possible with healthy elastin fibers and collagen, which are found just under the surface of the skin. These are like rubber bands, pulling the skin back into place after it is stretched.

Various things lead to the skin being loosened and saggy. What laser skin tightening does is encourage the dermis to grow new elastin and collagen. This is achieved by heating it to a specific temperature, at which point the fibers tighten or shrink and are remodeled to tighten the skin. The challenge is to make sure enough heat gets deep into the dermis without causing injury to the patient. This requires specific machines, for which professionals have to be trained properly. Hence, you should only have treatment completed by someone who has the right credentials.

Laser Skin Tightening

Various tools and techniques have been used for laser skin tightening over the years and they have all been very effective. New tools and techniques continue to be developed and results continue to improve. One of the issues people used to experience was that their skin would turn red for a long time, and it would experience either loss of color or hypo pigmentation.

Today, fractional laser resurfacing techniques exist that avoid this. By breaking up the laser, or fractioning it, into several small beams, certain areas are left untreated, which helps to speed up overall healing. As a result, there are also fewer complications. Additionally, these techniques allow the laser to go deeper into the dermis. This means that they are better able to reach the elastin layers and deeper collagen. Various machines are now available that offer fractional laser skin tightening and they are proving to be very popular.

Interestingly, these techniques can also be used on the face, which was previously unheard of. However, it is not as effective on the arms, stomach and neck. This is because these areas need a lot more heat energy. As a result, these tend to be addressed by radio frequency and infrared machines.

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