How to Look after a Child’s Teeth

Part of a parent’s job is to take care of their child’s health. Young children don’t have a clue about diet or dental hygiene, so it is up to you to help them look after their teeth until they reach adulthood.

With the right oral care, a child will grow up with perfect teeth. Great teeth begin with good oral hygiene from a young age, so it is important to introduce your children to the dentist from being a toddler.

How to Look after a Child’s Teeth

Children and Dental Check-ups

Most dentists will be happy to check a young child’s teeth. Take your kids along with you when you go for a check-up with your dentist. They will see how relaxed you are (hopefully!) and realize that a dental healthcare appointment is no big thing. They will enjoy lying back in the dentist’s chair and getting a sticker at the end of the session!

Candy and Teeth

Candy is a high sugar snack and sugar is bad for kids’ teeth. When kids see candy, they want candy, and when they don’t get candy, they throw a tantrum. Not surprisingly, this type of behavior makes it hard for parents to stand their ground on the whole issue of candy. A little bit of candy as a treat won’t do your child any harm, but if they eat too much it is very bad for their teeth, so try to restrict candy consumption where possible.

Fizzy Soda and Teeth

Soda is both sugary and acidic – the two most dangerous scenarios for teeth. Sugar encourages mouth bacteria to thrive, which in turn leads to a buildup of plaque on teeth. Acid helps to breakdown tooth enamel, which makes teeth weaker and more susceptible to damage from plaque. In time, drinking soda is seriously bad for a child’s teeth and he will end up with cavities and gum disease.

Sugary drinks of any type are bad for children’s teeth, so where possible, encourage your child to drink plain water or milk instead. It is also a bad ideal to allow kids to drink sugary drinks through a straw or bottle, as the liquid is in contact with the teeth for longer.

Teeth Care Routines

If you make teeth cleaning fun, it will be a lot easier to persuade your child to brush his teeth twice a day. Let him choose his own toothbrush and buy child-friendly toothpaste. Brush your teeth together as part of your morning and bedtime routine, so he doesn’t forget.

Disclosure tablets are useful as a periodic check to see whether an older child is brushing his teeth properly. The tablet highlights the areas where plaque remains, so use them every month to monitor teeth for trouble hot spots.

Many children need orthodontic work on their teeth. Crooked teeth are more likely to have problems, so look into orthodontic treatment if your child has an overcrowded mouth or wonky teeth. After all, it is better to wear fixed braces at 14 than 24!

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