Master Cleanse – Detox Tips

The Master Cleanse is an intense detox plan for weight loss and health. By following some tips you may be able to stick with it and reap the benefits.

Detox Tips

For those looking to detoxify naturally and lose weight the Master Cleanse could be what you’re looking for. By knowing what to expect and how to go through this detox diet plan the smart way you’ll have a much better chance at succeeding and enjoying the benefits that come along with it.

When following the Master Cleanse, be sure to stick with it for at least 5 days, though the recommended time frame for this detox is 10 days. By doing it for fewer than 5 days you may not see enough improvement in your overall health and weight loss efforts.

  • Make enough of the lemonade drink to last you throughout the day. This is easier than making a new glass each time you feel hungry. It’s too easy to cheat if your Master Cleanse drink isn’t available right away.
  • To boost your body detox efforts, drink a cup of herbal laxative tea each night. You should notice that you have to go to the restroom as soon as fifteen minutes after having the herbal laxative tea, which is why you should take it at night when you don’t have to be at work or anywhere else.
  • Find someone who will do the detox plan with you or join an online Master Cleanse forum so you can offer one another moral support. .
  • To avoid temptation and cheating on your cleanse routine, get rid of anything in the house that you’ll be tempted to eat. If you feel bad about throwing it in the garbage, donate non-perishables to a local charity or shelter.
  • Drink plenty of the lemonade diet drink. You can have a glass each time you feel hungry. Aim for at least 6 glasses and up to 12 glasses per day. Drink plain water in between if you still feel hungry.
  • The first few days are the most difficult on this plan. Try to keep yourself busy so you won’t think about food. Call a friend, join a class, go for a walk, write in your journal, pursue a hobby, do whatever you can to occupy your mind.
  • Find a good book online about the Master Cleanse and read it while you’re on the plan. It can answer a lot of questions you might have about it.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise when doing this natural body detox. Stick to gentle exercise like yoga, stretching, or walking at a slower pace. You’re going to feel tired so be kind with your body. Take a nap if you feel like it.
  • To make transitioning into the Master Cleanse easier, begin a week before by slowly phasing foods out. For two days cut out all dairy and meat, then for the next two days cut out grains, for the next two days eat only raw fruits and vegetable, and on the last day drink only 100% fruit and vegetable juices.

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