Mental Health Tips When You Are Starting University

Always remember that small steps can make a big difference in life. This is also important while dealing with stress and homesickness when you are starting university. Below are some useful tips to follow and remain mentally healthy:

mental health

Bring comfort of home

It is not perfectly known why the connection, but it is true bringing a couple of your home comforts with you mean something. Such kind of attachment is called as essentialism. You can bring your childhood blanket.

Take new challenges

The first step to student union bar or a lecture theater may be terrifying, but it is advised to do it anyway. Psychologists call it as exposure therapy and researchers say it improves the fear dramatically. So, it is always recommended to bite the bullet and do it.

Break goals on daily basis

Working towards goals gives you a mental boost and hiding will not. Even though conquering something challenging may stress you, but will make you happier in the long run. Setting goals boost up self-esteem so it is advised to set each day goal.

Stay healthy

It is obvious you may be living on cold pizza and other such food when you are a student, but it is proven those who eat a good amount of vegetables and fruits per day remain healthy equipped with mental wellbeing.

Mental rest is important

Late night bar is really compelling, but you should also know where to put a stop to partying. Try to find something more interesting to balance. One of the suggestions is to adopt Vedic meditation. It will bid adieu to sleep disorders, stress and anxiety. Just 20 minutes of yours in silence before going out for class will be enough.

Help others

A research says helping others reduces your stress levels. So it is recommended to help others. Make it a priority.

Ease yourself

It is very good to be self-aware, but don’t focus on your every failing. Try to understand why you value yourself. This will make you more efficient, more productive, less stressed and more happy.

Move it

Try to wake up a bit earlier in the morning and give time to exercising and remain active. This will release feel-good brain chemicals and will ease depression. It is a very positive way to start your day.

Celebrate yellow

Research has found happy people associate their mood with bright color and most of them think of yellow. It is also learned yellow is a representative of optimism. It could be probably due to having an association with the sun.

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