How To Overcome Neck Pain

Neck pain is way very common these days and particularly for those people who work longer hours on computer or laptop. A study reveals about 10 to 21 percent of the population experience mild to severe neck pain each year and most of them are office workers. Among the neck-pain victims about 33 to 65 percent recover within one year and most of the rest experience chronic condition in near future. This mean they experience coming and going of the neck pain indefinitely. Beware. Below are some tips how to overcome such neck pain:

neck pain


This is very important. Always use a cervical pillow while sleeping as it will fully support the neck during the sleep period. The head too will be aligned with spine. It is usually suggested to sleep on your back.


Always position the monitor of your computer slightly below the eye level. It can be at eye level, but not above it. The screen should be straight in front of you. Take note that you should feel comfortable with the height. Apart from this, try to keep chin tucked in so that the weight of head is mostly over the shoulders and not over the neck. In every 30 or 40 minutes try to move around, away from the computer.


Use a headset if you need to talk a lot during the day. If you pinch the mobile phone between your ear and shoulder, you may run the risk of getting neck pain.


Those who exercise regularly will get less or no neck pain.


Try to consume anti-inflammatory diet for example veggies, fruits and lean meat. Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking enough water.


Always remember that carrying a heavy purse, roller bag or brief case may hurt your neck. Carry only what really you need and keep the remaining in a secondary bag that you don’t need to carry all the time and keep it in your car or other vehicle. If possible, try to carry your luggage in backpack.


Do self-massage of your neck until the tight fibers loosen up. Do some other neck exercises, if you know, when you get neck pain like rolling head over the top edge of a chair by sliding down until the top.


After injury don’t wait. Seek chiropractic care immediately and you will have less long-term trouble thereafter.

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