Power yoga teacher superstar and a fitness program

Yoga Teacher: Power yoga is strong athletic yoga using the breath to move in and out of postures that may be linked by variations of Ashtanga sun salutations. Power yoga originated to appeal to westerners who might otherwise shy away from acknowledging the spiritual side of yoga. The structure of power yoga allows the teacher to have creativity in poses, flows, and sequences for a fitness program and unique workout.

Power yoga teacher superstar and a fitness program

Baron Baptiste is an International Power Yoga Teacher

Born into a yoga and fitness practicing family, Baptiste practiced yoga from childhood. His books are translated worldwide. He has sold millions of DVDs, maintains a school in Boston, Mass. and teaches throughout the world. He specializes in transforming the stiff, depressed, angry, or lost as well as those searching for a meaningful exercise program. He has worked with the Philadelphia Eagles and various super bowl players. He is a motivational yoga teacher.

Fittingly, his workshops are called yoga boot camps. They promise natural healing and focus on training, nutritional eating, meditation, and balance. Locations are worldwide inviting all levels of practitioners.

Bryan Kest, Power Yoga from Within the Self

Bryan Kest is well known for his DVDs, workshops, schools in California, and perfect handstands. His mission is to convince followers not to do power yoga simply to be fit or to look good. He wants the focus to turn away from the body or what the body on the next mat is doing. Obviously, his workshops avoid the term boot camp. They become meditative movement sessions. This may be confusing to the novice power yoga student coming to learn the physical side of yoga before being able to blend the mental and spiritual side into a harmonious practice. His workshops are held in studios throughout the world and he keeps a rigorous workshop schedule.

Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga

Mark eased into yoga later than the above two. He played college football and semi-pro baseball, modeled, and appeared in a few soap operas. His yoga promises weight loss and cardio in a sweaty flowing progression of poses and postures. He makes a point of not having music or props. His followers tend to be young, athletic, and fit. This may be intimidating to the beginner although Blanchard makes a point of inviting beginners to join the practice. He weaves a connection to the mind from the physicality of hiis practice. His home base is Los Angeles, Calif. There are testimonials from stars such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, among others. His workshops are mostly in the US and affordable. He has DVDs available and hopes to franchise his practice.

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The power yoga teacher is a good looking athletic men with lean flexible, muscled, bodies and different teaching techniques. Regardless of meditation skills or desires, power yoga is a fitness workout.

How To Enhance a Fitness Program

At year’s end, at the beginning of a new year or any time in-between are always good times to start a personal fitness program. Health and exercise experts have extensively proven the positive benefits of a physical fitness regime.

Physical Activity Benefits

Seven benefits of regular physical activity have been identified and researched by Mayo Clinic staff:

Exercise improves mood.
Exercise combats chronic diseases.
Exercise helps manage weight.
Exercise boosts energy level.
Exercise promotes better sleep.
Exercise can add spark to a sex life.
Exercise can be fun!

Regular exercise has also been shown to build self-esteem and fight depression by speeding more oxygen to the brain. Brain researchers know that exercise can boost brainpower and creativity. Exercise increases oxygen flow to the brain. Researchers also speculate that exercise triggers the release of hormones that enhance creativity.

Exercise Goals

Getting the most from a workout means also being motivated by reasonable goals. One of the systems often used to track performance is called the S.M.A.R.T.system. Dr. Michael Sachs, Professor of Kinesiology at Temple University Philadelphia, suggests using the S.M.A.R.T performance management system to set fitness goals and targets.

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Here is how the S. M.A.R.T.model can be applied to an exercise program.

S – Specific: Set a specific accomplishment i.e.: run three laps every two days, lift a set amount of weights, or attend a set number of yoga classes.

M – Measurable: Be able to show actual evidence of progress i.e.: number of minutes or days, weights lifted, miles run, etc.

A – Attainable: Set goals that are within reach so as not to get bored or frustrated.

R – Realistic: What will be realistic considering one’s own work and home commitments i.e.: three times a week, 20 minutes at lunch hour, 30 minutes before the kids are awake?

T – Time: Set a specific time frame for accomplishments i.e.: in one month or in three months what exercise goal will be reached? Consider keeping track of progress in a diary or calendar.

Health and Fitness

Mayo Clinic staff suggest that a fitness-training program should balance five key elements of good health:

Aerobic fitness: Physical activity that uses large muscle groups and increases your heart rate, for example: fast walking, jogging, biking, etc. Aim for about two hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity spread through the week.
Muscular fitness: Weights and other tools promote strength training. Push-ups and leg squats also count.
Stretching: Warm up first for five to 10 minutes before stretching. Yoga and Pilates are good stretching exercises.
Core exercise: The stomach, lower back and pelvis are the core muscles. Try exercise that uses the trunk of your body without support, including abdominal crunches.
Balance training: To improve stability, consider activities such as Tai Chi, yoga or standing on one foot.

Note: It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider before taking on any new or strenuous fitness regime.

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