> Scientific evidence of mental bio energy healing is effective

Scientific evidence of mental bio energy healing is effective

Bio energy healing – While science has been busy discovering that everything is energy, the scientifically trained often still scoff at “mental bio energy healing” as magical thinking. The scientific evidence supports mental healing fairly consistently. Dean Radin in The Conscious Universe (p.156) says “…the implications for distant healing are clear.” Radin refers to a body of experiments performed by William Braud and Marilyn Schlitz at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas, studying “people attempting to influence the nervous system of remote percipients.” (Ibid, p 153.)

Scientific evidence of mental bio energy healing is effective

Mental Intentions Affect Biological Systems

Braud and Schlitz performed thirty-seven experiments that measured nervous system responses such as blood pressure or muscle tremor in human and animal receivers, as a “sender” attempted to influence them mentally. A response could be measured in the receiving organism significantly more frequently than chance would allow. In fact, when combining these experiments, the odds against getting these results by chance were over 100 trillion to one.

In similar studies, a sender directed emotional thoughts at a receiver, without the receiver’s knowledge, sometimes hundreds of miles away. These independent studies were conducted by Douglas Dean at Newark College of Engineering, Jean Barry in France and Erlendur Heraldsson at the University of Utrecht. These experiments monitored blood volume in the finger of the receiver as the indicator of nervous system response. As the sender directed emotional thoughts toward the receiver, there were significant changes in finger blood volume.

Studies of Healers

Bio energy healing effects of those who practice mental or faith healing have been studied scientifically as well. In her book The Field, Lynn McTaggart has compiled information on a number of studies of healing.

In the 1960s, experimenter Bernard Grad studied faith healers. Healers worked with containers of seeds that had been soaked in salt water to hinder their growth. The treated seedlings grew taller than those in the control group. When faith healers “healed” containers of water, analysis of the water showed a slightly altered molecular structure, similar to the effects of magnetization. Grad also had healers treat skin wounds on laboratory mice. The wounds healed faster for mice treated by a healer.

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AIDS patients treated with spiritual or religious healing had a better survival rate in a study done by Elisabeth Targ and Sicher in the 1980s. The subjects and control group had the disease with similar severity and prognoses, but those receiving remote healings lived longer than the control group. This study involved healers who used various methods, yet these differences did not affect the results. The healers who performed the best, however, reported a different orientation and attitude than the others. These healers reported that they called on higher powers for bio energy healing and submitted their individual will to the bio energy healing process.

These and other studies support the notion of mental or spiritual healing, but it remains a mystery how a healer’s intentions can affect another person, often at a distance. While many bio energy healing traditions propose models that describe what happens, one biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, proposes the morphogenetic field, an energy field that can span time and space and allow non physical communication between organisms.

What Causes Emotional Eating

Eating in response to cravings and to satisfy feelings and moods and not due to hunger is emotional eating. As stress levels and negative pressures increase, eating to boost energy or fulfill the desire for comfort, is a temporary antidote.

Eating to feed feelings also has a cyclical feedback loop and can lead to more negative feelings, such as guilt and low self-esteem.

Emotional Eating Causes Weight Gain and Obesity

In emotional eating, food is a reliable but short lived mood elevator. Feelings of stress and sadness also cause more lethargy and activities such as watching television for distraction. This causes further overeating and craving unhealthy foods.

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Food habits are driven by psychological factors and getting to the underlying cause of food cravings is important in successfully maintaining weight loss and healthy eating habits.

Getting to the underlying cause of food cravings is important to maintain weight loss and health. A study published in the International Journal Of Eating Disorders (Volume 18;79-90) presents evidence that a high proportion of the obesity epidemic of developed nations is caused by emotional eating.

This study also shows that the emotions or moods that lead to overeating and binging on unhealthy foods include anger, anxiety, boredom, hopelessness and loneliness as well as feelings of fatigue and tiredness. Negative moods low energy, listlessness and increased tension.

Coping with stress and tension by eating certain foods allows the self-regulation of these negative feelings. Individual differences play a role in emotional eating and weight gain is also dependent on other lifestyle factors and inherited body type. Positive moods such as contentment and joy can also cause overeating such as occurs during a wedding celebration or having dinner with good social company. But these feelings do not cause chronic overeating or develop into long term poor eating habits.

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