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Spiritual response therapy – The body’s energy fields are considered one of the cornerstones of health. Discovered by the physician Randall Stone in the mid-1900s, polarity therapy or chakra therapy is based on Stone’s theory that the body’s energy fields are influenced by touch, diet, movement, sound, attitudes, relationships, life experiences, trauma, and environmental factors.

chakra therapy

According to a spiritual therapist, stone was a naturopath, chiropractor and osteopath who studied health theories from around the world. He discovered that the body’s structural system is governed by the subtle energy system at its center, and that disease is caused by blocked energy. He then developed protocols based on his theories. Polarity therapy or chakra therapy addresses these influences through interviews and uses acupressure as a form of touch therapy to correct energy field blockages.

The chakra therapy was introduced to the alternative medical field in the 1970’s and gained even greater popularity in 1984, when Leslie Korn began teaching it as a medical course at Harvard University. Today polarity therapy is used as a form of complementary and alternative medicine used at spas and by naturopaths and physical therapists or spiritual therapist. Practitioners are certified in polarity therapy.

Spiritual Response Therapy Principles

The basic theory of chakra theory is similar to that of acupuncture in that when energy is unbalanced, blocked or locked due to stress or other issues, illness and pain evolve. Chakra therapy is a means of finding the body’s electromagnetic energy blockages in an attempt to correct these blockages and restore energy to the body’s innate energy flow patterns. In Chakra therapy, health is viewed as a reflection of the condition of the energy field, and individual therapeutic methods are designed to balance the field for a maximum health benefit.

spiritual response therapy

Polarity is rooted in the traditional system of Ayurvedic medicine and defines the patterns of health-based upon the concept of energy movement and the balance of the five elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth). Polarity follows the basic laws of Yin and Yang and also of the principles of attraction, including electromagnetic fields and has been called the modern manifestation of ancient Hermetic Philosophy.

Polarity consists of a step-down corresponding to a movement from Ether to Earth. According to the principles of energy medicine, energy flows downward from divine sources on the right side of the body, and energy flows up the left side of the body (known as evolution) as it seeks a divine source.

As energy steps down from one element to the next it becomes more dense and structured until it gets to Earth where it manifests itself in the form of the human body. The step-down qualities are demonstrated by changes in the nervous system. The higher up the element is, the higher vibrational level is. The lower the element is, the lower vibrational level it has, says spiritual therapist.

According to Chakra theory, energy consists of three poles – positive (the head), neutral (the solar plexus) and negative (the feet). Energy also has properties of attraction and repulsion. As it attracts and comes together, it also repulses and is thrown back out again only to be attracted again.

Spiritual Response Therapy Procedure

chakra therapy

During chakra therapy, the practitioner interviews the patient to determine the chief influences and effects of the body’s energy fields. A Polarity practitioner or spiritual therapist utilizes the basic concepts of bodywork, exercise, nutrition, and verbal guidance to evaluate and balance life energy.

Polarity bodywork involves gentle rocking, stretching and pressure-sensitive touch based on energy flow. The therapist uses touch therapy to determine blockages and correct them by applying light, medium or firm touch pressure to acupressure points. This method increases self-awareness of soft energy sensations, which are sometimes experienced as tingling, warmth, expansion or as a fluid-like motion suggesting unrestricted energy flow.

Polarity exercises are easy stretching postures that combine sound, breathwork, and self-massage. Polarity nutrition views food as a source of energy and develops an ongoing, ever-changing, and creative nutritional awareness rather than a rigid set of rules. Polarity verbal guidance is based on the ancient assumption that “right thinking” is the cornerstone of good health. The focus is on understanding and feeling emotions, taking responsibility for actions, and creating life-enhancing thoughts.

Chakra therapy is generally used as a form of massage therapy although it can be also combined with other therapies including detoxifying baths, craniosacral therapy, yoga, and facials.

Spiritual Response Therapy Benefits

The benefits of massage therapy vary depending on the individual and his degree of energy blockage. Potential effects include:

Restoration of health and wellness
Open, aligned and flowing energy in the body
Reactivating the body’s inherent ability to heal itself
Balancing the endocrine, nervous and immune system
Relief of common autoimmune disorders and their symptoms
Pain and stress reduction

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