How To Take Care Of Skin And Beauty In Monsoon

Skin and Beauty: The monsoon has arrived and so come complications in skin and beauty including hair fall. Below are some of the basic tips from health experts to follow and overcome such shortcomings in your personality. Do follow and share your views too with fellow readers in the comment section.

skin and beauty

Beauty experts suggest to splash water over the face frequently and pat with a clean towel allowing skin to breathe and look fresh as well. Use anti-fungal soap and bath after getting drenched in rain. It will wash off the bacteria.

The toes and feet are to be given special attention as those remain damp in rainy season and become prone to skin diseases. It is suggested to soak feet for about ten minutes in warm water that is pre-mixed with antiseptic liquid. Pat the feet dry with clean towel and thereafter apply a moisturizer.

Remember, during the monsoon the skin loses its sheen and you need to tone it up to retain the radiance. Use pH balance cream or lotion to the skin and wipe off your makeup before hitting to bed.

Use a light lotion-based moisturizer or serum during the monsoon. It rehydrates the skin and retains the beauty. Your skin will look healthy and fresh. Don’t forget to use sunscreen  and skin care products too while going out.

For your hair, use mild shampoo to remove from the scalp any residual dirt. Use conditioner after shampooing.

Skin expert also suggest to use waterproof makeup during the wet season and it is better to stick to matte foundation base. To even the foundation you can use a compact powder over it.

During the monsoon season it is better to use open and airy footwear. It is strictly suggested to avoid leather footwear and closed shoes. You can go for jelly shoes.

During the wet season it is better not to carry bags or accessories made of jute, fabric or thread.

Apart from all these don’t forget to drink at least three litres of water a day to hydrate your skin. You should also include seasonal fruits into your diet. Try to keep fried accompaniments in your diet to the minimum.

Certain type of fish which are rich in omega 3 should be included in the dish and to avoid hair fall it is suggested to have four almonds everyday in the morning. Hair thinning can also be stopped by eating seasonal greens. Exercising about half an hour a day is recommended.

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