The Negative Effects Of Screen Time

The Negative Effects Of Screen Time

The excessive use or addiction to screens is becoming a heated topic around the world. From parents worried about their kids to adults looking to escape the vicious circle, everyone is concerned about their physical and mental health.

What Is Screen Time?

It is spending time in front of any device with a screen like laptops, T.V, smartphones, gaming devices, etc.

However, some experts divide screen time further into two branches, interactive and non-interactive screen time. Interactive screen time is spending time playing games, messaging, e-mailing, or generally responding. Some studies verify how interactive screen time can be beneficial, but not entirely!

Non-interactive screen time is spending time watching movies or T.V. There is little to no movement or interaction required, and is the more harmful one of two.

How Screen Time Affects Your Mental Health

There are not many studies to observe the long-term side effects of too much screen time. This is so because the screened devices have only been around for 30 thirty years or so. And such widespread use of phones and tablets only the past decade.

However, a few studies were conducted on the development of children’s brains due to screen time. The results are not promising, as expected, as it sets in motion many serious conditions like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

Excessive screen time takes you out of the real world and puts you in a virtual environment. A place where you and your kids have access to unlimited information, opinions, and politics. However good that may be, such versatility of content confuses you and forms stress.

It also brings into picture situations of cyberbullying. And that is another dark aspect of the age that we are living in. A child can be getting abused online while sitting with his parents and not doing anything about it.

And although the sense of privacy doesn’t count that much as you hear a voice say back, “what do I have to hide anyway?” but it does take a toll on your personality. Now, that can be particularly dangerous for children.

Monitoring Screen Time

It is not rocket science but common knowledge today how harmful excessive screen time can be. Sadly, the trend of kids’ time at seven on Saturday can’t work effectively as access to media has become easy.

Nowadays, parents and caretakers themselves are consumed by the screens of their devices. It is true that manufacturers as Apple and Samsung feature apps to control your screen time. But it does not qualify for a permanent solution.

Because, how can one put down one’s device and decide what to do when he can easily kill the next few hours doing absolutely nothing?

The addiction to screens is a result of ease of availability and interconnection. You cannot live in a world where you practically work from home without a screen. It’s impossible. As helpful as the connecting of different opportunities and online communities is, the addiction is only inevitable.

How To Reduce Screen Time?

Now, I heard many people wanting to know how they can reduce their screen time. And although I’m not an expert on the subject myself, I know the following few points that have helped me out. So, I always share!

Notice Your Behavior

The most important step you need to take to reduce your screen time is to notice your behavior. Are spending hours doing work, interacting with friends, or randomly scrolling through various feeds to find something you can crack a smile over.

Besides, you only need to make yourself do it once or twice, and then it happens naturally. Because if you realize how much time you spend on screens to get that one bit of relevant information, you might even find it tragic or extremely sorrowful.

The buildup of this check and balance by yourself will inspire you to put your phone down much quicker. Yes, there are many apps, as I mentioned, that help you do this. But why would you put the phone down when you have an alarm when you don’t know why? And it’s important to work on that “why” first.

Restart A Hobby

It’s really sad when you think about how people used to share hobbies in the old days compared to now. Reading books has become watching T.V, going out on vacations has become watching travel blogs, and playing a sport has become a gaming console.

However, you must know that I do not deny the usefulness of this tech. I do them all myself, just a lot lesser.

So, ask yourself the question, what is your hobby? Do you enjoy reading books, taking a walk, going out to cafes, or even vacations? But it has to be something other than a screen! Otherwise, it defeats the purpose, to begin with.

When you realize you have to put your screen out and don’t know what to do, you can pursue your hobby. It is a good way of connecting to yourself as well.

Look After Your Health

But don’t we always?

Yes, we all look after our health because we keep ourselves from succumbing to anything bigger than it already is. Meaning, you only prevent yourself from gaining extra weight, from catching a cold when you have flu, etc.

The reason that I mention this here is that I want you to look into the little things. See how your energy is in your routine, and can it be amplified by something. Usually, it’s a good diet, working out, or a bit of both.

But looking into supplements is not going to be a bad idea either. Click here to read about Red Maeng Da Kratom and how it helps to increase your focus and attention. Such behavior will keep you from relapsing and getting addicted to the screen all over again. You can get supplements like kratom krush anywhere online these days and shed the worry of finding it.

Hold Yourself And Your Kids Accountable

There are so many trends going on around the world that you don’t know which to pick. At times, having dinner on your couch while watching an interesting show feels great, and then it feels lonely.

What you can do to avoid this is by setting up a few house rules for you and the kids. Make up a rule for how mobile and tablets will be locked up during meal times, parent-children interaction times, and even leisure activities.

The urge to slip out your phone to take a picture of your food or respond to an email is strong, but you can fight it. This will help you and your family reduce screen time in general and set up a healthy family relationship.

Ending Thoughts

We live in a world surrounded by tech and screens, and it cannot be said that it’s bad entirely. The same screens that distract a driver in an accident guide others through GPS to their destination.

There are two sides to this coin, and the key is to utilize it as long as it benefitting you. If you feel like your daily use of screens is excessive, you too can find the above ways to reduce it.

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