Tips For Women To Lead Healthy Life

Women should know about their body and the changes arising regularly. Below are some of the tips how women can lead a healthy life.healthy life for women

Half-hour exercise

You should exercise daily to maintain good health and keep disease away. Experts say a 30-minute exercise a day improves cardiovascular health as well as helps in maintaining a health weight and body mass index.

Exercising daily lowers the risk of developing breast cancer, colon cancer and uterine cancer. It lowers excess hormones and reduces stress levels.

Listen to your body

Several conditions arise in women’s body over course of time like ovarian cysts, breast cancer, uterine fiboids, gynaecological cancers or endometriosis. Experts suggest to visit a gynaecologist once every year for preventive screenings and address to any sign of disease.

Usually changes in menstrual cycle, fatigue, bloating or abnormal bleeding is sign of warning.

Healthy eating habit

Make a habit to eat several nutritious, colorful fruits and vegetables every day. This will lower the risk of developing cancers including breast cancer and which are fueled by obesity.

It is highly suggested to a big NO to processed foods. Women should always eat natural, whole and fresh foods.

Quit smoking

Even today women have the habit of smoking even though it is highly publicized for both the sexes to quit it. A data reveals 13 percent of women in the US are still smoking. Health experts say smoking leads to heart disease, heart stroke, heart attack, lung cancer and premature death.

Take note that cancers caused by smoking are preventable. So quit smoking immediately.

Annual mammogram

It is found one in eight women develop breast cancer. If it is caught early, it is curable. So experts suggest women should start annual mammogram program at age 40 to check the breast health.

Get a Pap smear

Regular pelvic exams and Pap smear screenings are important after a woman becomes sexually active. The test checks for signs of vaginal and cervical cancers as well as genital warts, human papillomavirus (HPV) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

It is to note that the virus does not always cause symptoms and so the screening is suggested.

Pregnancy preparation

Women should be a healthy mum-to-be before getting pregnant. This is important and so overall health and wellness is necessary to carry a baby. This is more important for first time mother. Don’t forget to visit a gynaecologist for a pre-conception too.

Get colonoscopy

Take note that colon cancer is the third largest cause of cancer death. After reaching age 50 women are suggested to start getting colonoscopy screening regularly.

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