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Tips To Do Yoga At Office

Yoga is one of the best things anyone can do for their body. It helps with flexibility, strength, posture and overall well-being. To get the most out of a yoga workout program, it is best to take a full hour class or set aside enough time at home to work a variety of poses. However, everyone who works for a living or has children to care for knows that an hour of free time may not always be possible. There are times when a workout has to be squeezed into the few empty time slots of the day. For those people with a serious lack of time, it is possible to sneak in a few yoga stretches during those down moments at the office.

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Yoga Breathing and Stretches at Work

One of the easiest forms of yoga to do at work is abdominal breathing. Leaving the office chair is not a requirement. To do this breath work, sit in a natural position and place the hands on the abdomen. The abdomen will expand with each intake of breath and the abdomen gets pulled in as far as possible on each exhale of breath. Doing ten of these once or twice a day is very beneficial. Abdominal breathing does wonders for stress levels and might be advisable before any important meeting with the big boss!


Another simple yet effective yoga stretch to do while sitting in the office chair is a neck stretch. Once again, maintaining a natural upright sitting posture is essential. The stretch begins by lowering the chin and stretching the back of the neck. Next, lower the right ear to the right shoulder, and then follow that by lowering the left ear to the left shoulder. Each of these stretches should be held for approximately three normal breaths. This neck stretch can be done at various times of the work day.

Other Yoga Exercises to do at Work

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Another great yoga exercise to do in the office chair is body twists. Start by holding onto the left arm of the chair and take a few deep breaths. Reach back a little further and try looking behind you. Then repeat on the opposite side. Take a few breaths each time while holding the stretch. These seated twists are great for the neck and back. Another great exercise to do is to perform bends in the seated position by just reaching for the floor and lowering your head as far as possible. These bends can also be done standing behind a chair and bending forward in a smooth and gradual fashion.

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