Top Nutritional Mistakes We Make

Don’t take supplements with coffee

Many people may not know that it is not wise to take supplements with coffee as certain vitamins and minerals will be failed to get absorbed in the body. This is a nutrition mistake and many commit it.

Top Nutritional Mistakes

According to health experts the absorption of iron, calcium, B-vitamins and vitamin D are impacted by caffeine. It is also suggested not to take supplements with tea and cola too as these drinks too contain cafeine. So take the supplements with water and wait for about an hour to take any drinks that contain caffeine.

Shake the carton before drinking almond milk

Many may not know that shaking the carton of almond milk is very much required before drinking to get the nutritious value of it. It is to note the calcium and vitamin D fails to bind well with liquid and so it sits at the bottom. To get the benefits of the drink, you need to shake the bottle.

More vegetables needed than fruits in smoothie

Most of us make the same mistake. We add more fruits compared to vegetables while making a smoothie. It should be vice versa. Also, try to keep it in the 300 calories range.

Top Nutritional Mistakes We Make

Don’t use canned beans for meatless meals

Beans can be a great substitute to meat as it is a good source of fiber and protein. It adds up to be a healthy diet. However, buy those which has no salt added or low sodium as it has about 1000 mg’s of sodium per cup in it.

Don’t add whole flaxseeds to your breakfast

Flaxseeds are equipped with healthy nutrients as it contains omega 3’s, antioxidants and fiber, but remember the whole flaxseeds are not easily digested. So it is suggested to get ground flaxseeds.

Eat fruit and cut out sugar

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Eating fruits is better than eating sweetened beverages and processed foods. There are more health benefits like the fruits are high in vitamins, fiber and protective antioxidants.

More to this, sugar is not completely bad. Just avoid processed sugars and eat natural sugars. This will be healthy.

Don’t completely trust sugar-free, low-fat products

It is to note the sugar-free or low-fat products may not be healthy. It will not even help in losing weight. Also, sugar substitutes are bad. So it is suggested to remain away from artificial sweeteners.

Apart from all these you need to keep yourself away from preservatives too as much possible.

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