Some Unknown Secrets Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is widely used in European countries and many other non-European countries including America. It is used for dipping bread or to cook food with it. Here are some benefits discussed and worth knowing:

olive oil

Olive oil can be used outside cooking pan and salad bowl. In fact it is better to say that it can be used on just about anything. Europeans use it more like a condiment. They add it to dessert, to breakfast, to dinner and to lunch. They also pour it on salted ice cream and cooked steak too. They drizzle it in soups and salmon, spread it on toast and mix it into beverages including lemonade, orange juice and cocktails. Most surprising is the use of olive oil to ice cubes and flavor water.

You may come across an entirely different group of people who use olive oil for beauty purposes. They use it in scrubs, into shampoo and for a makeup remover too.

Olive oil has health benefits too. It is credited with reducing of Type 2 diabetes and fights depression. It fights against certain kinds of cancer and prevents strokes too. It reduces coronary heart disease. It is anti-oxidant and protects cells from damage. It is anti-inflammatory and works similar to ibuprofen.

In one of the recent studies olive oil has been found good for mind too. It contains oleic acid and this helps in suppressing the brain tumor molecules.

Some studies even says extra virgin olive oil protects brain from toxic substances that otherwise lead to Alzhimer’s disease.

It is better to use extra virgin olive oil as it is cold-pressed and much of its anti-oxidents, original flavor and nutrients remain intact. It is not touched by either heat or any chemicals.

However, it is not to forget that different olive oil has different flavor and this basically depends where it is grown like in Tunisia it will be like an almond flavor as almond crops are grown nearby. Similarly olive oil from Spain has hints of tomatoes in its flavor.

It is suggested to buy olive oil reading the level to know its country of origin, region as well as harvest date. Always try to buy from the most recent harvest. Olive oil harvest takes place in fall.

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