Women Health Tips – How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Usually it is believed heart disease is associated with men, but it is not restricted to only them. Heart disease also sometime turns deadly for women too. A report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals one in every four female in the United States die due to heart disease. Even in Canada the leading cause of death for women is heart disease. Hence it is not very true that heart disease can only occur among the men and never to any woman.

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First to everything, it is suggested to recognize the heart disease threat. Below are some of the tips for those women who are looking ahead to prioritize their heart health. Take a look and try to abide by it.

Have heart-friendly diet everyday

It is highly suggested to eat heart-healthy diets. Check the labels and take those food items which are low in sodium and sugar. Try to always avoid food items which are high in trans fats as according to FDA rule it is not safe for use in human foods. Cleveland Clinic says grab those food which labels for partially hydrogenated oils. The common food items which contain trans fats include pies, cookies, cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and crackers.

Don’t avoid existing condition

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Certain conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease among women. It is important to consider the conditions seriously and take preventive measures. Take proper medications, monitor blood sugar levels and get tested regularly your blood pressure and cholesterol to know the risk of heart disease is not increasing. These may help in keeping you away from heart disease.

Discuss aspirin intake

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Sometimes physicians prescribe aspirin to lower the risk of heart disease, but its use in long-run increases certain other risks too and this need to be discussed with a physician. Some of the side effects of aspirin include bleeding in stomach, kidney failure, bleeding in brain and certain types of stroke. Hence it is highly suggested to discuss the pros and cons of prescribed aspirin with the physician before taking it. Take note that correct measurement of aspirin intake may not negatively impact on your body, but overdose will surely make your life miserable.


If you are healthy, you lead a happy life. Being unhealthy ruins your life, your pockets and your near and dear ones too. So it is suggested to keep your heart healthy and avoid harming your body.

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