Worried About Pregnancy-Related Expenses? Read This

Worried About Pregnancy-Related Expenses? Read This

If the skyrocketing pregnancy-related expenses and medical inflation are shimmering in your background and refraining you to start a family, here is a solution. Opt for pregnancy insurance now! The good news is that it is a perfect combination of healthcare and insurance. Designed explicitly for the mother and the baby, it offers numerous benefits and reduces the couple’s financial stress. If you are still not convinced, read below its really crucial benefits:

Cashless Hospitalization

Yes! You read right. Like other health insurance, pregnancy insurance India plans offer cashless hospitalization. Whether it is normal/cesarean, emergency, or planned delivery, you do not need to arrange cash for hospitalization. Your health insurance company will settle your hospital bills so that you can hold the apple of your eyes in your hands stress-free.

Pre and Post Hospitalization Cover

Females have to go through a lot during their journey towards motherhood. They need to visit a gynecologist pre and postnatal. Maternity insurance covers such pre and post-hospitalization expenses that lessen the burden on the pockets and help couples save money for their baby’s future. 

Extensive Coverage

Health insurance that covers pregnancy offers extensive coverage to expecting moms to make their journey smooth. It covers pre and postnatal expenses, vaccinations, in-patient hospitalization, delivery charges, c-section cost, room rent, doctor’s fees, diagnosis, medication, and a lot more.

Newborn Baby Cover

It’s like a cherry on the cake. Pregnancy insurance reduces your financial burden not only for delivery but also for your newborn baby. Trusted brands like Care Health Insurance offer infant coverage for the first 90 days. It includes vaccination for infants, doctor’s consultation fees, medical complications, etc., so that baby can recover faster and grow healthier under the doctor’s supervision.

Daycare Treatment

Pregnancy often comes with several health problems for females. But, hospitalization is not required every time to recover. Under maternity insurance, would-be mothers can avail of daycare treatment as well. Read the policy T&C for more details.

Advanced Technology Methods

Health insurance companies also cover advanced technology methods that help females bring new life into this world without complications. If required, you can go for advanced treatment for pregnancy-related complications subject to policy terms and conditions. 

Tax Benefit

Health insurance that covers pregnancy comes with two-fold benefits. It covers your pregnancy-related expenses and gives you tax benefits. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, a premium paid against maternity insurance India plan gets tax exemption.

Top Health Insurance Companies in India Offer Pregnancy Insurance

Health Insurance Company Plan Name Sum Insured
Digit Health Insurance Digit Health Insurance with Maternity Cover 3-5 Lac
Care Health Insurance Joy Maternity Insurance Plan 3-5 Lac
HDFC Ergo my: Health Suraksha Gold Plan 7.5-15 Lac
Max Bupa Health Insurance Heartbeat Family Floater Plan 5 Lac-1Cr
Star Health Star Health Wedding Gift 3-5 Lac


Thus, if rising maternity expenses giving you sleepless nights, opt for pregnancy insurance now. It covers most of the pregnancy-related costs and helps you to welcome your bundle of joy happily. 

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