Your In-Depth Guide to CBG Oil – and Why It is Making a Mark in a Big Way

Your In-Depth Guide to CBG Oil – and Why It is Making a Mark in a Big Way

Many people already espouse the benefits of CBD oil, but not many can say that they are familiar with another similar compound, CBG. Although we can’t deny that CBD has its benefits, CBG isn’t far behind, either, and a lot more people are seeing the benefits of CBG for themselves. And although CBG still has a ways to go in popularity compared to CBD, more research has shown that it has some of the same advantages and benefits as well, and, in fact, it may even offer more. So the big question is, what exactly is CBG and CBG oil, and what can it do for the body? Here’s your in-depth guide to CBG oil – and why it is making a mark in a big way.

Guide to CBG Oil Your In-Depth Guide to CBG Oil – and Why It is Making a Mark in a Big Way

What it is

Just like its cousin, CBD, CBG is another cannabinoid, a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis and hemp plant. The two most popular cannabinoids are, of course, THC and CBD. THC is extremely popular due to its psychoactive properties, and it can also boast various health benefits which include pain relief and relief from nausea, and it can help with more serious conditions like cancer and multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, CBD is the non-psychoactive relative of THC, and it can give some prospective benefits such as treatment for pain and anxiety as well as a decrease in inflammation and an enhanced mood.

On the other hand, CBG has attracted the attention of researchers for a number of reasons. CBG is, in fact, called the ‘mother of cannabinoids’ simply because it is believed that various cannabinoids begin as CBG. CBG begins in the form of CBGA or cannabigerolic acid in the cannabis or hemp plant, and it provides the original or standard material for the other cannabinoids. CBGA, when synthesised, can become CBDA, THCA, and so on. If the compound is heated up, it will drop the acid (or ‘A’) and become CBD or THC. This process of synthesis will also happen as the plant becomes more mature, and this is why CBG declines as plants age – the plant uses it to synthesise other cannabinoids. Scientists can derive CBG through extraction from the plant, and they often mix the extraction with carrier oils to produce a topical or edible product.

benefits of CBG oil Your In-Depth Guide to CBG Oil – and Why It is Making a Mark in a Big Way

The potential benefits of CBG oil

Whilst the prospective benefits of CBG oil are yet to be known fully, there is a lot of promise in terms of its treatment for pain relief, as a natural relaxant for the muscles, and as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant supplement. In a review done in 2010, for instance, it was found that CBG may have properties for pain relief, and whilst this is true for both CBD and THC, there is additional evidence showing that CBG might have a more potent pain-relieving property.

When it comes to muscle relaxation, CBG may also have some potential, as stated in the same review. It may then be useful for chronic pain management or the management of various injuries due to sport. And when it comes to anti-anxiety and anti-depression, CBG may also provide relief, as it may enhance the body’s anandamide levels (anandamide is known as the ‘bliss molecule’), which can thereby offer relief from anxiety as well.

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