5 Reasons You Should Consider Size When Choosing Wall Arts for Your Home Décor

5 Reasons You Should Consider Size When Choosing Wall Arts for Your Home Décor

5 Reasons You Should Consider Size When Choosing Wall Arts for Your Home Décor 

A bare wall is no fun. Home decor transcends beyond just furniture and new paint jobs. It entails selecting the perfect color sequence in your home, picking the ideal wall art. The right wall art can transform the personality and vibe of any home.

The interior decor of the home defines the atmosphere and gives it a focal point. While there are lots of factors to consider when choosing Wall Arts for your home decor, we’ll be highlighting five reasons why you should consider size when selecting Wall Arts for your home decor. Take note!

1. Bigger Is Always Better

In general, the bigger the wall art, the better. A small wall art can’t fill an ample space, and giant wall art will create a beautiful focal point. It is a general knowledge that your wall art should take up a large portion of an empty wall. So, when at crossroads, pick the bigger wall art!

If you have smaller pieces, it’s not a bother. You can utilise them well by hanging them together in groups to create a mini gallery in your home.

2. The Atmosphere of Your Home

A beautiful wall art defines the atmosphere of your home, and the size is a deciding factor when it comes to the atmosphere of your home. The size of your wall art has to compliment the size of your space, small wall art on a large wall is going to look out of place, and massive wall art in a small space will make the home have a crowded atmosphere. As you focus on the aesthetics of your wall art, you need to consider the size too if you want your home decor to be eye-catching.

3. The Right Size Works Magic!

Contrary to popular opinion, the size of your space determines the size of your wall art, and the size of your wall art decides how your room looks. The right wall art size can take your home from basic to unique, shabby to gorgeous, and boring to classy in the snap of a finger; for instance, a landscape wall art will look better in the bedroom, directly above the bed than a portrait wall art.

Although most people think their focus should be mainly on the color of the wall art and its beauty, the perfect size can work the magic too! Well, if you let it.

4. Highs And Lows

When choosing wall arts for your home decor, basic knowledge of mathematics comes into play at times, and it helps with choosing the right size for your home. When hanging wall art, regardless of how tall or short you are, it is better to hang it at an average height of 5″6 as this is a perfect height for almost anyone to look at.

The small wall art will likely look shabby and out of place on a large wall at this height, which is why bigger is always better, except you’re trying to make a statement, and it is intentional. The right size comes into play here as it makes the wall art obvious at this height for all and sundry.

5. Understand The Assignment

The main aim of choosing Wall arts for your home decor is to beautify, accentuate and define your home. Never forget the assignment when selecting Wall arts and always consider sizes that compliment your home, as the wrong size will do the direct opposite of what you intend to do.

We hope you find this piece helpful, and it helps you make better choices when selecting wall arts for your home decor. You can get more info about wall arts size guide at ElephantStock blog

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