Air Conditioner Recycling Guide for Homeowners

recycle Bounty prgrams Air Conditioner Recycling Guide for Homeowners

When it comes to disposing of your air conditioners, most homeowners make the mistake of throwing away their unit first. If you have an old AC unit that you want to get rid of, then keep reading.

Bounty Programs

Sometimes, you can turn your A/C unit in and receive money via a special program sponsored by a regional or local utility. Based on the EPA, the appliance owner is given a “bounty” for the recycler to recycle your appliance.

The program might include discounts or rebates to help buy higher-efficiency models. To find out what bounty programs are in your area, speak to your electricity provider.

Air Conditioner Recycling Guide for Homeowners

Recycling or Sanitation Businesses

Alternatively, your government will advise you to contact your town’s recycling or sanitation company. These companies tend to have special arrangements for air conditioner recycling done for you, from removing the unit or the removal of the refrigerant.

Some companies require you to pay a small fee for their services, but sometimes they’ll pay you the scrap value of your A/C unit. Certain components of your A/C (i.e., metal) might still have value even after the unit is broken. The heavier and larger your unit, the more value it can have over time.

While you’ll want to take your old air conditioner to the next recycling center, it’s important to know that not every AC unit needs to be scrapped. In some cases, donating, refurbishing, or selling your unit can be a better option.

Scrap Yard Air Conditioner Recycling Guide for Homeowners

Scrap Yard

To find a scrap yard in your area, visit your state’s government website. These sites have scrap yards throughout the area for easy browsing and searching. If you can’t find a convenient scrap location online, speak to your local government and ask where the closest facility is located.

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