From an Ordinary Room to a Great TV Room

From an Ordinary Room to a Great TV Room

Most homes have a living room or family room that is cramped and has too much going on. You should consider turning an ordinary room into a special purpose TV room. Turning an ordinary room into a TV room gives more viewing pleasure by lessening distractions from your children playing in the house, giving your lovable fur babies more space to be themselves, and a door to help lessen the commotions from the rest of the house.

What Features Do You Want?

How do you go from plain old room into a dreamy TV room? We start with deciding on which features we want in the room and come up with a plan. Decide on what kind of atmosphere you would like to achieve. Some features you may want to include are storage, doors, shelving, closet, comfortable chairs, tables, rugs, curtains, and décor.

Wall Colors and Materials

After you come up with your finished design ideas, it may be a good time to pick the wall colors and materials. Do you want to do a one color paint? This is the most economical choice but sometimes a more rich wall covering is better especially being you may spend a lot of time in this room. You may want a wall covering that is easy to clean. Some wall papers are very easy to clean and look wonderful while adding some depth to the room while kicking your design up a notch.

Don’t Forget a New Door

Have you thought about what to do with the door? There are different types of doors available. A modern favorite is a barn door. There are other styles to choose from made from different materials. You can also choose to paint your barn door in a great accent color.

Choose the Right Furniture

The right furniture makes all the difference in putting the room together. The needs of a great TV room are fairly simple. Comfortable chairs or sofas are a positive investment for the room. Being comfortable while watching TV is essential for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Add even more comfort with enough tables to set drinks and snacks on. Some area rugs and floor pillows can help pull the room together for a more finished ambience of comfort. Do not forget the other décor on the walls and around the room to complete the look. Textured paints are a little more pricey but give a more expensive look with little effort and can be well worth the investment.

Check the Lighting

Good lighting is important for different items. Combining good ambient overhead light along with a few brighter lights placed throughout the room is ideal. A good amount of storage space is important. Sufficient amounts of shelving helps to keep the room organized. A shallow closet or floating shelves can keep the room modern. Check into more budget-friendly TV room redecoration ideas.

Get the Right Television

Of course, the centerpiece of a great TV room is a kicking TV. Go look for a television that is going to give you all the entertainment value you need. Not handy with electronics? Ask someone you know or hire someone to come and install the television for you. Make sure the TV you buy has all the features you need and want. 

Keep Things Organized

Organizational items that can be used how you want them to be can help pull the room together. Colorful plastic baskets or bins are great ideas to give a little color and they fit on shelves neatly. These give great places to store an array of items you may want in your TV room.

Those Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are accessories that compliment the room and the atmosphere you are trying to create. Perhaps you want to splurge on a small popcorn machine or small candy vending machine. Either of these ideas are great when entertaining friends, family, or work colleagues.

No matter how you decide to dress up your former plain room into a wonderful and functional TV room, you are sure to be happy with your finished room. From the new awesome TV to the rugs, the comfortable furniture, and the decor, your new TV room is sure to get a lot of use by your family and friends. They will be surprised to see your wonderful plain old room turned into the TV room of your dreams.

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