Know Some Facts and Control the Window Replacement Cost

Know Some Facts and Control the Window Replacement Cost

Based on the prevailing facts, inefficient and damaged windows are responsible for almost 25% of energy loss, leading to rising utility bills. Though, Total Home Windows and Doors have got good news. Homeowners can now reduce energy cost by 15% by installing multi-pane insulated glass windows provided with Energy Star ratings and heat-resistant coatings. Would be wondering how? Here is some worth reading information about window replacement cost and other factors:

  • Want to control noise entering from outside? Well, it’s quite simple than people would think, meaning that homeowners can reduce noise by adding double-pane or insulated windows having ¼-inch of gas filled between the panes. The gas is usually Krypton or Argon as it can block sound waves from disturbing interior peace.
  • Living in a home having 20 years or older windows? It’s finally time to replace them. According to Total Home Windows and Doors, the components should be replaced after every twenty years in order to avoid problems like draftiness, condensation, frost, warping, rotting or cracking. Even, windows that do not open are a safety hazard during emergency situations when there is a need to get out of the place immediately.
  • Homeowners can add custom grilles of any size to the windows. They do not add dollars to the window replacement cost, meaning that homeowners can easily make grilles as per sketch or drawing. If there is any confusion, ask Total home to recommend appropriate options and window replacement
  • Thinking which material would be best for the windows? Although there are numerous materials available in the market, be sure to find out a suitable one. Wood offers good insulating properties against weather but tends to be costly and needs maintenance. Aluminum is quite reasonable than wood but is a good conductor, which is bad news. So which material is recommended by the professionals? To be certain, vinyl is the best option as it is cost effective and virtually maintenance-free. It is highly durable and prevents outside weather from affecting internal temperature. With wood grain technology, vinyl windows have different wood stains and textures, meaning that homeowners can have all the benefits of real wood with reasonable window replacement cost.
  • Apart from window features, consider availability of glass options. Heard of low-E coatings? It’s a microscopic metallic coating that has the ability to reflect heat waves back to their source. Low-E glass is responsible to keep heat inside during winters while maintaining cool atmosphere during summer. The best thing about low-E coating is that it can reduce energy cost, no matter where it is installed.

Want to have more information, facts and figures? Contact Total Home Windows and Doors in order to know some hidden facts that may have significant impact over decision making. They are just a call away!

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