Make New Windows Your Summer Renovation Project

Living in London, Ontario, weather can change dramatically throughout the year; from sweltering days in August to -30 degrees in the dead of winter, and heating and cooling your home can be a challenge. Old, worn out doors and windows can let heat leak out, costing you your hard-earned money. Seasonal changes in the temperature can also be hard on the windows themselves, especially in older windows that use all-wood frames that shrink and expand with the changing temperatures. That can mean that you need to replace older models more frequently to make sure your windows are performing the way they should. Making your home energy efficient will make it easier to keep your home comfortable and save you money.

Given all that they have to endure, many home experts suggest replacing your windows every 10 to 15 years; if yours are getting old, they’re not performing at their best, and replacing them should be a good candidate for your summer renovation project list. Before you start to make arrangements, take some time to learn about modern windows and some of the features and benefits of upgrading today.

Make New Windows Your Summer Renovation Project

#1 Energy Efficiency

According to Natural Resources Canada, making your home energy efficient can save you money, reduce your emissions, improve the comfort of your home, and increase the value of your property. Upgrading to energy efficient windows will save you money on your hydro bill every month and with hydro rates higher than ever in Ontario, it will be a welcome relief that will help offset the costs of renovation. Replacement doors and windows in London, Ontario can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lend your pocketbook a helping hand.

#2 Replacement Options

When you’re looking for replacement doors and replacement windows in London, Ontario, a local company like Golden Windows is a great option, not only because of their local show room, but also because their technicians can be hired to install their products as well. They make and sell custom windows with Energy Star technology, such as Low-E coatings on the glass (which reflects heat energy back to its source) and argon gas, which separates the air inside and out to prevent heat loss by transfer. Professional installation from Golden Windows will make sure that these windows meet their performance standards and you get what you paid for.

#3 Materials

Wood is a traditional option that offers many different looks but requires regular maintenance, although a wood clad on longer-lasting aluminum can create a great compromise. Vinyl is another option that offers many different looks and requires minimal maintenance; it’s the most common modern option, but may not be suitable for heritage homes or cottages. All of these are available from local manufacturers like Golden Windows in custom dimensions, on any type of design, with multiple grille choices.

With summer around the corner, now’s a great time to start thinking about renovations, and new windows can deliver a competitive ROI compared to other renovation projects. If your windows and doors are old, upgrading to energy efficient models installed by a professional is a great way to save money and improve your home.

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