Why You Need A Water Filter At Home

The question may sound contradictory to many as still there are people who believe tap water is good enough. Well, not exactly. Studies have shown there are many additives in water that comes through the main water system. Some like chlorine or fluorine are added by water companies with the best of intentions.

water filter

Studies say such additives have downside too like chlorine is linked to some health problems and the same is revealed for fluorine. Even chlorine makes an unpleasant taste in water.

Apart from such deliberately added substances there are many chemicals, effluent materials and heavy metals including uranium in the water which find their way into the domestic water supply. Some of these are only present in small quantities, but sometimes a small quantity of them is more than enough.

The water companies do the best they can to eliminate them, but they have to combat with rising costs and lower public willingness to pay the prices. Hence, they are unable to deal with the problem completely.

One of the heavy metals, lead, may be found in some supplies in quite large quantities, due to the presence of old lead pipes in the system that have still not been replaced. Many water supply authorities have a further disadvantage. Due to the increasing lack of fresh water, they have to make do with recycled water, often reclaimed from sewage plants. All in all, it is thought that the figure could be as high as over 90% of all homes have unacceptable levels of unwanted substances in the water supply.

In view of all this, what should people do? One way is to buy water in a bottle. The bottled water industry has, as a result, become big business. But there is evidence to suggest that the water you buy in a bottle is often not much better than the water coming out of the tap. Sometimes it is indeed pure mineral water, but it is expensive.

There are environmental considerations too. The bottled water has often been transported hundreds, even thousands, of miles before you take it from the shelf, with all the use of energy that is involved. You have no idea how long the bottle has been sitting on the shelf. It has been shown that, after a while, the water reacts with plastic of the bottle, thus introducing an unwanted additive. On top of all this, bottled water is very heavy when you have to carry it all the way home.

More and more people are now considering the alternative. Water filter systems in the home are free of most of the problems associated with tap water and bottled water. Most filter systems produce pure water that is every bit as good, or even better, than the best and most expensive bottled water. They are convenient and easy to maintain. There are all kinds of different systems to suit every wish. And you don’t have to spend a large amount of money on them.

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