Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Tankless Water Heater

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Tankless Water Heater

An unlimited supply of hot water is crucial especially if you are living in a climate that faces aggressive winters or generally has a cold weather for most of the year. For years, people have dealt with the issue by installing water heaters and gas burners that help in heating the water in their storage tanks when turned on. However, in the recent past, tank less water heaters have taken the market by a storm. More people are now interested in switching from standard water heaters to tankless water heaters because the convenience and efficiency they promise to offer are often lacking in standard water heaters.

A lot of companies today have ventured into tankless water heaters and the market is bombarded with a wide variety of heaters at different price ranges. However, it does not mean that every type of tankless heater will work well for everyone. Tankless water heaters demand a heavy investment and therefore it is very important that you consider a few things before you make your pick. Make sure that you go through expert reviews on tankless water heaters before you make your purchase decision. Other than that if you are intending to invest in a tankless water heater, here are a few things that you should be considering.

Initial Investment

It is true that tankless water heaters are much more energy efficient and cost-effective compared to the standard heaters and can help you save a lot on monthly basis in the long run. That being said, tankless water heaters are much more expensive than the conventional ones when it comes to the initial cost. Their price ranges from $200 to as high as $3000 and that is exclusive of installation charges. Of course, a $200 heater will not be as effective as $3000 variant and therefore you will need to look at a lot of other factors before you fall into a price trap and make your purchase.

Storage Tank

tankless storage water

As the name suggests, tankless water heaters are primarily installed to eliminate large storage tanks and saving space. However, you need to be aware that these heating systems do not have much room for multitasking and take a while for the water to get heated before you can use them since they do not have a tank. If you plan to multitask or expect an instantaneous hot water supply, you might want to consider installing an additional storage tank.


Tankless water heaters have numerous parts, unlike the conventional options. This also means that their repair costs are much higher compared to the conventional heating systems. Ideally look out for warranties and check the terms and conditions of the warranty when you purchase a tankless water heater. In some cases, you might not be able to get a deal with a warranty. In such cases, it is wise to carry out a cost-benefit analysis regarding your repaid costs versus your monthly cost savings.

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